Agreement as part of the Booking Confirmation Step

Agreement Settings require the Person Booking to sign an Agreement as part of the Booking Confirmation Step. To do so,

1- Turn on the Disabled toggle switch to Enabled.Agreement in Confirmation Page Setting

2- When Enabled, this agreement is required for All Bookings by default.Agreement in Confirmation Page Setting

3- You can exclude some bookings from the Agreement by turning on All Bookings except if. Then, you may tick the box next to The Booking Channel is to exclude the bookings coming from specific channel(s) you select from the drop-down and/or tick the box next to The Lead Guest has signed the same Agreement before.

The Booking Channel

4- A default agreement template is set. Please review it to make sure it includes all you need to be covered and signed.

default agreement template

You may prefer to edit the default agreement template or create your own text by clicking on + Create A New Agreement and insert the title and text of the agreement.Create A New Agreement

Note 1: If you want to make changes to the signed agreement, you may click on Revise This Agreement.

Revise This Agreement

If the agreement has not been signed yet, you can edit it by clicking on Edit This Agreement on the right side of the screen.

Note 2: Header and Footer

You can add Header and/or Footer to your Agreement when you want to Edit or Revise it. If you click on the gear on the top right, a window pops up in which you can select the Logo and/or the Company Name for the Header. Finally, click Save.

If you click on the gear on the bottom right, a window pops up in which you can select the Address, Social Media, and/or Info for the Footer. Finally, click Save.

The users can see the Header and Footer in the PDF file of the agreement when they click on here during the Confirmation Process.

Agreement View in Booking (Host View)

As soon as the Agreement is set on the Confirmation Page Settings, it will be placed on bookings which are created afterwards, and you can find it under the Rental Agreement tab in the booking of your choice in App.Zeevou.com. The Rental Agreement‘s toggle will be on as a default if it is set in Confirmation Process. By disabling this option, the Guest won’t be required to sign a Rental Agreement prior to checking in. The Rental Agreement includes Status (which will be automatically changed to Signed after the guest signs it), the Title, and the Agreement Link (which can be sent to the guest for signing by Automated Message). The other parts such as Agreement PDF File, Signer IP Address and Created At will be filled out once the Agreement has been signed.

Note: If you hover on Agreement Tile, View Agreement will appear and by clicking on that, you will be directed to the page of the Confirmation Process, Agreement Step.


When the Agreement is signed by users, the Rental Agreement Status will change to Signed in the corresponding booking in Zeevou Hub and there is the Agreement PDF File to be downloaded. You can Delete this Agreement anytime, but the agreement link will still be available to be signed.
Rental Agreement Status


Agreement View in Confirmation Process (Guest View)

In the Confirmation Process, users can see the Agreement Step and sign the agreement. When an Agreement is signed, a copy of the agreement will be automatically sent to the Person Booking’s email.

Agreement View in Confirmation Process (Guest View)

If no email is provided for the Person Booking or their provided email address has not been verified through previous steps, they first need to set and verify their email address to continue signing the agreement.

The Person Booking can also download the signed agreement from the agreement step page by clicking on here.



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