Booking Confirmation Settings

Confirmation Page Settings allow you to:

  • Customise the confirmation steps. 
  • Specify whether a field should be mandatory or optional for guests. 
  • Include or exclude your desired fields in the confirmation steps. 
  • Customise your Marketing Consent settings. 
  • Set different settings for Person Booking, Lead Guest, Additional Adults or Children
  • Activate Upsells before the Payment page. 
  • Customise the content the of Payment, Security Deposit, and Success pages. 

Confirmation Page Settings

 You can open app.zeevou.com. On the top right of the page, click on the gear sign, and choose Confirmation Process. you can open the Confirmation Settings, where you’ll be able to customise the fields and texts in the Confirmation Process. 

Step 1: General Info 

On this page, you can specify the following details:

  • Booking General fields
  • Person Booking fields
  • Marketing Consent content
  • Privacy Policy Note
  • Go to Confirmation Page Settings.
  • Set your brand name by clicking on the upper right button.
  • Go to the General Info tab which contains General, Person Booking , Marketing Consent and Privacy Policy sections. 
  • Turn on the items which need to be shown to guests during the confirmation process.
  • Determine whether the item should be mandatory or optional for guests. 
  • In the General Info section, you can choose Booking Purpose, Departure Time, and Arrival Time to be asked from guests.


Note: When you turn on some mandatory items by default, you can see: “Filling this field will be Mandatory for the Guest.”

  • Go to Person Booking  and turn on the items which need to be shown to the Person Booking during the confirmation process:

Note 1: You can add fields with custom descriptions to collect IDs from guests by turning on Document Upload Settings.

Note 2: You can click on +Ask a Custom Question to add your desired questions to be asked during the Confirmation Process.

Then, a window will appear in which you can either select your question from the drop down Menu or click on + Create A New Question . Finally, click on Add.

When you click on + Create A New Question, a window will appear in which you can insert the question and add a hint for guests. Finally, click on Create.

When the question is created, you can still make changes by clicking on Edit or Remove. You can also make it Optional or Mandatory to be replied.

In booking view mode, you can click on Lead Guest or Person Booking Name and their profile will be shown.  In their profile,you can see Custom Questions where the questions and guest’s replies are displayed. You can View or Edit the answers by clicking on the three dots.



  • Finally, go to the Marketing Consent section.

Note: You can update and inform your guests of the latest marketing promotions and exclusive discounts via various channels here.

Disabled section will be hidden from Guest on Confirmation Links

  • Toggle Disable to Enable to turn on Marketing Consent (GDPR) and choose from the tick the Marketing Platforms you want your guests to give you consent for marketing purposes and initiatives:

Marketing Platforms

Note: You can also customise the text that will be displayed to guests.
To do so, click on Edit to make changes in the Opt-in Prompt and finally click Save.Marketing Consent

Step 2: Guest Info

You can do this the same as you did for the Person Booking section. If the Lead Guest and Person Booking are one person, the system will sum up the fields related to both. Otherwise, related fields will be shown to each.

There are two more sections as Additional Guests for Adults and Children which you can enable to be shown during the confirmation process:

Note 1 : Disabled sections will be hidden from guests on Confirmation Pages.

Note 2:You can click on Ask a Custom Question to add your desired questions to be asked during the Confirmation Process.(As explained above.)

Step 3: Agreement

You can enable this step to require Person Booking to sign an Agreement as part of the Confirmation Process by turning on the Disabled toggle. For more information click here.


Step 4: Upsells & Payment

If you turn on Upsells, your guests can see each property’s list of Upsells which you have already created

You can Edit the Payment Note which will be shown to guests.


Step 5: Security Deposit

You can Edit the Security Deposit Note which will be shown to guests.


Step 6: Success Page

Once guests have completed all the confirmation steps, the Success Page will be displayed to them.There is a default text shown to guests as their final booking step. You can click on Edit to change its text.


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