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STEP 1: To create a property, click on Listings -> Properties, then click on Create Property on the top right, then on One (in case you have one Unit Type and Unit in the property location) and follow the necessary steps.

Naming Convention: Call your property which name you plan to call it on different OTAs and channels, such as Booking.com and Airbnb, as a Marketing Name. When creating the Property, please remember this is the entire property. For example, if you have an Apartment block, thus the Entrance Code, Wifi Name and Password kind of Unit details should not be put here if you have more than 1 apartment in the same building. When building the property, the important details we should make sure to enter the required fields are here.

We suggest you choose a Short Name for each Property – perhaps the initial of the words, and adding that to the name of each unit type and unit within that property. This will allow you to distinguish unit types or units that may otherwise appear the same. To give you an example, you could have Cambridge City Apartments (CCA), CCA-1 Bed, CCA-01. You may wish to adopt a more complex notation for the unit type, for example, CCA-1B1B-4-1ZL1SB could stand for Cambridge City Apartments – 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom – Sleeps 4 – 1 Zip & Link Bed, 1 Sofabed. This conveys most of the information about the Unit Type that you could need and will be displayed in various parts of the system such as various multi-unit calendars or in the rate setting under Rates. The users only view short Names, and the guests can not see them.

NOTE: If you only have one Unit at a Property (for example a single holiday home), you can skip to Import Existing Bookings after following Step 1 above. If you rent out multiple units out at the same location, you will need to Create Unit Types and Units manually after creating a Property.



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