Expenses refer to all expenses created for a booking, property or unit. When they are set in booking page or Finances->Expenses, they will be reflected in Monthly Profit Report and can be posted to Xero.

Expense Type

In Settings-> Finance -> Expenses Type, you can click on Create Expenses Type button on the top right of the page to create new types.

  1. In the opened page, choose a name for the expense type you are creating.
  2. To be able to post the expenses to Xero, there should exist an account for that expense type. In Settings-> Accounting Schema, there is a default account number set for the expenses. Yet, when you are creating a new expense type, you can choose a different account and override the default account set for the expenses.

Expenses in Zeevou

Creating Expenses
In Finances ->Expenses, you can click on Create Expense button on the top right of the page to create new expenses.

  1. In the opened page, you can select the Service Provider. Service Provider options include the companies you have created in Users->Zeevou Companies.
  2. Set the Expense Date that refers to the time the expenses is issued.
  3. Choose the Expense Type.
  4. Choose the Xero Tax Amount Type.                                                                                  Note: This field will appear for the organizations which have integration with Xero.
  5. Set the Total Amount for the Expense.
  6. Set the Tax Schema if you wish.
  7. Specify From-To of the expense.
  8. Specify the Allocation Level as per property or per unit. If you select the Allocation Level per property, you need to specify the Property and determine whether you would like to set the Allocation Strategy Equally for Units or Number of Nights. If you select the Allocation Level per unit, you need to specify the Property, Unit Type, and Units.
  9. Save and close the created expense.

To create expenses for a specific booking, in the booking page, click on Finance button->Create Expense option.

Post Expenses to Xero

You can post the expenses to Xero.

  1. Make sure you have activated your integration with Xero.
  2. Click on Finances-> Expenses.
  3. Open the desired expense.
  4. Click on Post to Xero button.


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