First Steps

STEP 1: Download and install Google Chrome. Please make sure to always use Zeevou on Chrome for the best performance.

STEP 2: Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Organisation Configuration. Then, click on Create Brand. Initially, it is enough to only complete only the required fields marked with a red asterisk.  

NOTE: The rest of the information in the system can be entered later on. Once you do so, start off by entering as much information as possible at the Property level. If you see fields that repeat in the Unit Type or Unit level, only fill these in if you have not gotten standard details that apply to everything in that Property (NO need to duplicate information already entered at a higher level).

NOTE: A Property refers to a physical location – this could be a block of apartments or a hotel. At the Property, there may be one or more Buildings or Unit Types. Each Building could contain one or more Units, or you may have one or several Units of a specific Unit Type. A Unit is the smallest lettable entity, such as a serviced apartment or a room in a guesthouse or hotel. Similar Units are grouped together by Unit Types. Rates and other information common to those units are set at the Unit Type level.


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