Create a Group Booking


Booking Wizard Structure


Search Bar: You can book more than one location via Group Booking. Tour requests or regular bookings are a couple of good examples.

To do so, you can click the + (Plus) icon and  a window opens for you to search based on the Location, Check-in, Check-out, and Guests by choosing from the Drop-down Menu.

Create Group Booking

You can create a (Group) Booking with the Booking Wizard in three steps:

  1. Accommodation Type
  2. Additional Info
  3. Pricing

Step 1: You should find the Accommodation Type which suits the Guests best. All unit types based on your search details will be shown and you can select the one(s) you want based on the Location, Check-in, Check-out, and Guests.

If you hover over each Unit Type card, its property name will be shown and its details will be extended:

Step 2: Enter Person Booking details. You can either Select Person Booking from the drop-down menu or Create A New Guest Profile.


Note 1: If you click on Create A New Guest Profile, a window opens for you and you must fill out at least one of the fields. Then, Save and Close.

Note 2: When you Select Person Booking from the list, you can Edit Guest Profile.

After selecting Person Booking, you can select the Channel and turn on either Host Collect or Channel Collect. Then, click Next.

Step 3: You can check the booking price breakdown.

You can view its details by opening each booking.



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