Housekeeping Mobile App

The mobile app lets housekeepers see the lists of their tasks, start and complete them. They can add images, videos, issues, and notes for a property they have already cleaned up. They also can request leaves.

Installing Mobile App:

Note: Please open this page on your mobile phone and then proceed.

For Android:

You can install the housekeeping mobile app for Android from Google Play. You can create a username and password for your housekeeper in Contacts -> Staff -> Create Staff.
Get it on Google Play

For iPhone:

You can download the app from App Store.

Mobile App Calendar and List of Tasks:
Housekeepers have access to the months of a year in the overall calendar. In the calendar, housekeepers can choose a specific date and see all tasks assigned to them for that day.

They can also see the list of all their tasks.

Details of tasks are available to them. They can start and finish a task by their phone.
Please note that Start option will not be available unless the housekeeper turns on Location for the Zeevou Housekeeping App and also it will not be available for tasks other than housekeeping ones.

Housekeepers can see the bed configurations guidelines set by the host under Bed Arrangements on the App.

If the Mandatory Housekeeping Photos is set to required under Organisation Configuration in Zeevou hub by the host, housekeepers need to upload images taken of the property after cleaning the place and then the Finish button will become available to be clicked on.

As you can see they also can report Issues, attach photos or videos of the issue, and also add a note and details about the issue under the tasks.

They can also Leave notes too before they press Finish.

On the other hand host also could add notes for a housekeeping task on the Zeevou hub.

Mobile App Notifications:
If a task get updated in Zeevou, housekeepers will be notified of the updates.

Zeevou Housekeeping Mobile App
If a task get updated in Zeevou, notifications will be sent to housekeepers.

Mobile App + option:

In addition, housekeepers can add issues for the properties available to them (without having any current task).
Clicking on three dots then +Report an Issue option on the right top of the page, housekeepers can add issues, videos, images, and notes for other units or tasks ,too.
They can select the related city and property and add the issue.
Admins can see the uploaded videos, images and notes for a specific task in Tasks -> Cleaning -> Housekeeping List and raised issues for all properties or tasks  in Tasks -> Maintenance -> Issues.

Mobile App “More” option:
Using More option by clicking three dots  at the right bottom of the page, housekeepers have access to Request a Leave, Log Export, Log out, and Application Version options.

Leave Request:
Housekeepers can ask for leaves through the mobile app. They can compose their request and submit it.
Admins can see the leave requests in Contacts -> Staff -> Leaves.
Opening the request, admins can accept or reject the leave request and housekeepers will be notified of the admins’ reply in the notifications.

Admins can accept or reject the leave request in Users-> Zeevou Staff -> Leaves.

Log Export:
If housekeepers face any issue such as app crash, they can open Log Export option and share the technical file with the technical team.
Maintenance file includes technical details that helps investigating what may have caused the issue.


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