How to Create a Booking Manually on Zeevou

Step 1 : Go to Bookings -> All Bookings -> click on Create Booking on top right or,

Go to Calendar -> All cities -> click on three dots on top right -> Create a Booking or,

Go to Calendar – > All cities -> Drag the dates and create booking.

Step 2 : Select the Arrival Date and Departure Date.

Step 3: Add the Number Of Adults.

Step 4: Select the Property, Unit Type and Unit.


Step 5: The Rate Plan, Average Price, Accommodation Price and Security Deposit Amount will be automatically filled.  You can tick mark Price Override box to change autofilled amounts.

Step 6: Add Guest information: Click on the + in front of the Guest. and a new window will be popped up. Enter First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and preferably Mobile Number and Save.

Kindly note that the Mobile Number must start with a country code.

Step 7: Select the Channel from the drop down menu.

Step 8: Select the Payment Collection Type. ( Host Collect means you are collecting the money from the guests and Channel Collect means that OTAs are collecting the money and Channels pay you after deduction of their commission)

Step 9(optional): Customise the Booking under Booking Preferences advanced section if you want to override the default settings for this booking.

Step 10: Save or Save & Close on top right.


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