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In order to send notifications through SMS to your guests or staff, you need to integrate to ClickSend:

Step 1: In Integrations -> ClickSend, click on Create button.

Step 2: Set the Title for your SMS Panel in the opened page.

Step 3: Make sure you are filling the next three fields based on your ClickSend login details.

Step 4: Your name shouldn’t be longer than 8 letters in the “From” field.

Step 5: Add the name of your brand or organisation to the “Identifier String” field.

Step 6: You can set any detail in the Description box.

Step 7: Click on Save and Close button.


  • The SMS template shouldn’t contain more than 160 characters.
  • Triggers and notifications are sent to recipients only if their numbers follow this format:
    (+)(Country Code)(Mobile Number)
    Example: +18889990000
  • Please make sure the carriers of the recipient country support alphanumeric sender ID.



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