Link to KeyNest

Step 1: Sign up with KeyNest by following this link. When checking out, enter the coupon code ZEEVOU50. This will give Zeevou customers 50% off the first month of their monthly subscription (with the option to cancel at any time).

Integrating with KeyNest

    Step 2: Sign in to your Zeevou account,

    Step 3: Go to Integrations -> IntegrationsLink to KeyNest from Zeevou

    Step 4: Click on KeyNest

    Step 5: Then click on Connect To KeyNest.

    Link to KeyNest from Zeevou


    Step 6: You’ll be redirected to your KeyNest account. Please sign in to your KeyNest Account.

    Link to KeyNest from Zeevou


    Step 7: In the following page click on ALLOW.

    Link to KeyNest from Zeevou

    Step 8: Now you’ll see this page in the Zeevou Hub which means the integration has been successful.

    Link to KeyNest from Zeevou

    Step 9: Now, go to Integrations > KeyNest  Keys-> Sync KeySets

    Step 10: Click on Edit.

    Step 11: A window just like the one below opens. Insert the required information for the items with asterisks. Finally, Save and Close.

    Note: If the keyset is valid and connected to a unit, when a booking with the unit is created, a collection code will be created for the guest and will be sent to them via the check-in instructions.


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