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Please note that Stripe does not allow for security deposits to be pre-authorised for more than 7 days from the point of pre-authorisation. To help overcome this, we have developed an option to auto-capture and auto-refund funds to be held as a security deposit. This will allow you to keep a security deposit for bookings of any length. You can activate this under Settings -> Organisation Configuration by selecting the “Auto Charge/Auto Refund” option once you have selected Stripe as your Security Deposit Gateway.

NOTE: If you do not use this option, security deposits will expire 7 days after pre-authorisation and will no longer be available to capture after 7 days.

Step 1: Visit Settings -> Organisation Configuration and select your payment processing system(s).

Step 2: Register with Stripe by following this link.


Step 3: Great! You can skip the first question by clicking “Skip to dashboard” and you now have to confirm your Stripe email to confirm your account.


Step 4: To activate your Stripe account, log in your Stripe account and click the Activate your account link in the left menu.

Step 5. Complete all the fields according to the instructions and set Your website to your Zeevou subdomain address when asked.

NOTE: It’s OK to activate your account as an individual, you don’t need a company ID. Stripe may review your account later but you are able to activate it immediately. The activation form varies based on your country, so select that first!

Step 6: Once completed, click “Activate account”.

Step 7: Go to Integrations-> Integrations-> Stripe.

Step 8: Get your API keys from Stripe. Click “Developers” →  “API Keys”  in the left menu item.

NOTE: API keys are some text strings that have one technical purpose: link your Zeevou account with your Stripe account, so you can automate the collection of payments and pre-authorisation of security deposits from guests using 3D Secure links.


NOTE: Make sure that you are not using test data. If this is the case, switch the View test data toggle. Test API keys will not work in your Sharetribe marketplace.


Step 9: Copy the value from the Publishable Key row, from the Token column. It should look like pk_live_somelongrandomvaluelikeVqFze9etc. Paste that value in Zeevou in the Publishable Key field..


Step 10:Go back to your Stripe account, in the API tab and click the Reveal Live Key token button. Copy the value from the Secret key row, from the Token column. It should look like sk_live_somelongrandomvaluelike0Rx3jvetc. Paste that value in Zeevou in the Secret Key field.

Step 11: Click the Save and Close button. Stripe should now be connected.



That’s it! You have now connected your Stripe account and are ready to receive payments directly from guests!


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