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NOTE: At the moment, WorldPay Online doesn’t accept any new clients.

There are two ways of integrating with Worldpay. We have a direct integration with Worldpay Online, and allow you to integrate with Worldpay Merchant services through SagePay (see options 1 and 2 below).

1. This is the easiest to use product that Worldpay offer, however it is also the most expensive, charging 2.75% per transaction plus 20 cents. If you decide to use this option, visit this site. After confirming your email, click on Activate on the top right and select “Direct API Integration” under Shopping Cart when prompted. Once set up, make sure to visit Settings -> Orders and toggle Authorisations to “Yes”.

– Visit Settings -> Organisation Configuration and select your payment processing system(s).

– Sign in to https//online.worldpay.com/

– Visit https://online.worldpay.com/settings/keys if using Worldpay Online and copy across the Live Keys.

– Go to Integrations -> System Integrations and click on Worldpay and enter the Service Key and Client Key.

2. You can make use of cheaper rates as a Merchant Service Provider by opening just a merchant account with WorldPay (not WorldPay Online) and linking that to the Sagepay payment gateway which integrates with Zeevou. SagePay just acts as a bridge between Zeevou and the Merchant Services, and does not process the payments itself. To do so:

a) Call Worldpay on +44 20 3664 2989 and ask them to set you up for e-Commerce and MOTO accounts. Tell them you were referred by Zeevou Ltd, Merchant ID: 1699 6904. You only want to get a Merchant Account through them, not their Payment Gateway, as you’ll be using SagePay as the Gateway.

b) Once WorldPay finalise the process and provide you with a Merchant Number(s), sign up with SagePay by following these steps at and provide them with the Merchant Number(s).


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