Messaging API in Zeevou

Some channels (such as Airbnb) support Messaging API which lets hosts and guests send messages to each other.

The notifications from the channels that support API Messaging will be available in the Unified Inbox in Zeevou. You can reply to these messages in the Unified Inbox within Zeevou. Your replies will be displayed in the channel to guests.

How to Create an API Message

You can create your customised content to send to your guests through the Messaging API. When you log into app.zeevou.com, click on the gear icon. A window will open in which you select Automated Messages.

How to Create an API Message/Zeevou

You will then be redirected to the Automated Messages page. You can create a new Automated Message by clicking on New Automated Message + on the top right.

New Automated Message/Zeevou

You should select API Message from the dropdown to configure your message.

Note 1: This message will not be sent if the Guest has not first messaged you through the Channel.

Note 1: This message will not be sent if the Guest has not first messaged you through the Channel./Zeevou

Note 2: You can use variables in your content. However, if you click on Enter to start a new paragraph in the content, the channel will remove all Enters and the final text will be displayed as one paragraph to guests.


Note 3: The Messaging API option is active only for your correspondence to guests and bookings from.


How to Set an Autoresponder for the API Message

When you land on the Automated Message page, click on the gear icon to select OTA Autoresponder.

Then, a window pops up in which you can write the reply to your Guest. The text you set here will be automatically sent to guests the first time they send you a message through a Channel such as Airbnb.

Note: Since different conditions should be considered to make sure Message API is sent successfully, it is highly recommended to send important messages via email to the Guests to make sure they are delivered.


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