Change-Over Days (How to Prevent Early Check-Ins or Late Check-Outs)

As a host, you may want to offer early check-ins or late check-outs or both without the risk of losing the time needed to manage check-out or check-in housekeeping, related tasks, etc. So, you may want to be able to stop early check-ins to be sold if there is a check-out on that day or stop late check-outs to be sold if there is a check-in on that day. In order to manage stop check-ins or check-outs under such  conditions, you need to go to Settings -> Configuration -> Organisation Configurations -> Change-Over Days.

Change-over Days (Prevent Early-Ins or Late Check-Outs)- Zeevou


By ticking “Prevent Late Check-Outs,” you can prevent late check-outs on days when you have a check-out and a subsequent check-in in the same unit.

And by ticking“Prevent Early Check-Ins,” you can prevent early check-ins on days when you have a check-out and a subsequent check-in in the same unit.

If you tick mark both, you will not receive early check-in if late check-out is already booked, and you’ll not receive late-check out if already booked on the same day. For example, if a guest had already requested an early check-in for their arrival day, later you may receive a booking with normal check-out (not a late check-out) on that day. And the booked early check-in will not be cancelled. So, if you made available both early check-ins and late check-outs, you need to tick mark the prevention of both in order to avoid receiving both on a day.

Organisation Configuration settings for Change-Over Days are set as default for all your properties. However, you can override the default in the Property level. In order to do so, please go to Listings -> Properties. Open the property you want to change the default for, then click on Change-Over Days. Now, you need to tick and activate “Change-Over Days Override” and make the change you want and save. And it will override the Organisation Configuration-related fields.

Change-over Days (Prevent Early-Ins or Late Check-Outs)- Zeevou






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