RemoteLock Integration Guide

From the main menu click on Integrations  -> Integrations. Scroll to the RemoteLock box and click on Read more.

  1. Edit Label and save the page.
  2. After saving, click on edit, and again on this page click on the Connect button.

Zeevou Smartlock Integration Guide


3. Your RemoteLock page will pop up in a new window. Please, login to your account and click on Authorize.



4. Then, return to Zeevou Remote Lock Integration Page and refresh. The status should change to “Connected”.

5. You can see Sync Locks button at the bottom of the page. If you have already registered your lock in the RemoteLock account, you can sync your locks.


Zeevou Smartlock Integration Guide


You can Edit Link in a popup window by tracing following steps:

      • Choose the property.
      • Choose type : there are two types here (Unit and Entrance)
      • The code can be shared with all units or selected ones.

6. When your lock is added you can click on the lock and it will take you to the lock view page.


Zeevou Smartlock Integration Guide


7. Now, you can add which unit(s) the lock is related to.


Zeevou Smartlock Integration Guide


8. You are Done! Every time a booking is created, the system automatically creates a pin for that unit and the key is valid for that guest for the booking time. You can see the created pin under the booking page    -> Booking details -> Access Code.


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