Set up Automated Emails

In order to set up automated emails, please go to Inbox Templates and go through the Templates you are planning to use. We have many templates at your disposal and there are 4 or 5 main templates you can use as given here.

At Trigger Rules please select the rules you would like to deactivate and mark them No at the Active bar. You may hover your mouse to Yes and shall see a blue pencil where you can toggle the choice to No and click tick to save your choice.

Please see the Favourite bar two columns next to Active and mark the ones you will be using Yes (the same way you toggled the Active templates) to be able to reach them within the reservation from Send Notifications option.

– Specify where you would like emails notifying you each time a new booking is made should be sent by visiting the Trigger Rules. Edit the “booking creation user notify”. Under Email Template select “booking creation user notify”.  Under Emails fill in the email field and under Sent Type select “to”.

– Check the rest of the email templates and make sure you are happy with the wording. If there are any you want to deactivate fully, you can visit the Trigger Rules again and remove the template from the corresponding notification. Temporarily turn off the Booking Confirmation Steps email trigger by disassociating the Template from the notification trigger (once you have opened the trigger, click on the cross to the right of the template and then click on Save and Close). Remember to turn it back on once done.


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