Unified Inbox in App.zeevou.com

Unified Inbox lets you manage all your communications in app.zeevou.com.

Read more about Zeevou’s Unified Inbox feature here.

The Unified Inbox gives you access to emails, SMS, and channel communications from one central login.

Unify your communications with Zeevou's Unified Inbox!

Search bar:

 When you open Zeevou’s Unified inbox, you can search for a guest by name.


You can view the messages arranged in different folders. The Inbox folder, with the number of unread messages, is the default one. If you wish to access other folders, you can click on the arrow next to Inbox and select other folders from the drop-down menu or create another one by clicking on + Create New Folder. If you create a new folder and would like to make it the default folder, you can hover over it and click on the star icon.

View messages in different folders to keep track of conversations.


The conversations are kept in the All Conversations folder. Only conversations with at least one incoming message are in the Inbox folder.

If you are going to create a new one, you can click on the + icon on the top right of the window in front of Inbox.Get organized and stay on top of things with easy search and folder options.

For each conversation, you can click on the three dots to:

  • Mark as Read
  • Archive
  • Move To Trash
  • Move to Other Folders

 Quickly search for guests by name.

Note: When you open that conversation, you can Archive or Move to Trash by clicking on the three dots.

Zeevou Unified Inbox

Communications with Guests:

If you click on a conversation with a guest who has already booked, the booking information with the following details will be shown on the right side of the page:

Booking Number, Channel, Status, Property Internal Name, Unit Name, Access Code, Address, and Guest Name (whether it is verified), Number of Guests, Check-in/Check-out Date and Time, Number of Nights, Total Price, Payment Status, Deposit Amount, and Deposit Status.

1- By clicking on the icon to the right of the booking number, the booking will open in a new tab.

2- The address of the property can be copied by clicking on the copy icon.

The communications can be replied to via email, SMS (if your account is integrated with ClickSend and a valid mobile number is available for the contact), or via API to any OTA that supports the API messaging system.

Access emails, SMS and other channels from one central login.

Note: The API Messaging option will be available and will work only if you have mapped your property to your listing in OTA, the booking is made from that OTA, and the guest had sent you a message in OTA.

Communications with Colleagues:

You can import all your business emails to your Unified Inbox:

For detailed steps, read through this helpful article: Import Your Emails

Once you have forwarded all your emails, all staff using Zeevou can send and receive emails from their Unified Inbox, and there is no need to log into their connected mailbox to send or receive emails.



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