How to Access Zeevou’s Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox provides you with the opportunity to have all your communications in the Zeevou hub. You can read more about Zeevou’s Unified Inbox feature. 

The Unified Inbox gives access to emails, SMS, and channel communications from one central login. You can open Zeevou’s Unified inbox now!

Messages are arranged in folders, which include: 

  • Inbox 
  • Sent
  • All Conversations
  • Draft, and
  • Trash.


You can search the Inbox by the name of the sender or receiver:

Under All Conversations, you can see ALL the communications including the automated emails triggered from the system, inbox, and sent or archived communications.

 All incoming communications enter the Inbox. Archiving a conversation will remove it from your inbox but will remain in All Conversations. You can Restore a message if you want to move it back to the Inbox. If a new message reply comes to an existing conversation, it will automatically be moved to the Inbox for you.

Communications with Guests:

If you click on a conversation with a guest who has already booked with you, the booking information including the Booking Number, Channel, Status, Property Internal Name, Unit Name, Access Code, Address, Guest Name, whether it is verified or not, Number of Guests, Check-in/Check-out Date and Time, Number of nights, Total Price, payment status, Deposit amount, Deposit status will be shown on the right column of the unified inbox.

  1. By clicking on the icon to the right of the booking number, the booking will be opened in a new tab.
  2. The address of the property can be copied by clicking on the copy icon.
  3. You can click on the phone icon to initiate a call through your device.

The communications with the guests can be replied to via email, SMS (when you have integration with Clicksend and a valid mobile number is available for the contact), or via API to Airbnb’s built-in messaging system.

Note: The Airbnb option will be available and work only if you have mapped your property to your listing in Airbnb, the booking is made from Airbnb, and the guest has booked or sent you an inquiry under your property in Airbnb to start with.


Communications with Colleagues:

You can import all your business emails to your Unified inbox:

For detailed steps, read through this help article: Import your emails

Once you have forwarded all your emails, all staff using Zeevou can send and receive emails from their Unified Inbox, and there is no need to log in to their connected mailbox to send or receive emails. 


Unified Inbox’s Roadmap:

The good news is that the Unified Inbox feature is going to have more options coming soon:

  • More detailed information about sent and received messages
  • Filter options
  • Booking actions 
  • Access to Templates & Triggers Rules
  • Attachment of voice and documents to messages
  • Possibility to add internal notes



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