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  • Multi-location PMS
    Multi-location PMS
    Zeevou’s multi-location PMS allows you to manage all your properties from one central login.
  • Automated Booking Processing
    Automated Booking Processing
    Ensure each booking ticks all the boxes, no matter where they come from.
  • Contactless Check-in
    Contactless Check-ins
    Manage all your check-ins – keysafes, smart locks, or KeyNest – through Zeevou.
  • Direct Booking Website
    Direct Booking Website
    Boost your direct bookings with our SEO-friendly website integrated with top analytic tools.
  • Channel Manager
    Channel Manager
    Push your rates & availability in real time to over 200 channels with our powerful two-way API connections.
  • Payments
    Zeevou’s payment processes allow you to be in control of your payments, thus improving your cash-flow.
  • Mobile App
    Mobile App
    Let your housekeepers easily access information while on the go and help manage your rental.
  • Real-Time Reporting
    Real-time Reporting
    Have a good overview of your business’s performance at any point – be it finances, occupancy or operations.
  • Unified Inbox
    Unified Inbox
    Manage all communications (emails and SMSes) for guests and staff from one central location and keep track of everything.
  • Guest CRM
    Guest CRM
    Access a highly flexible built-in guest CRM that automates email address collection and build a GDPR-compliant database without lifting a finger.
  • Cleaning
    Automate your cleaning management – be it with in-house staff or by contracting it out to an outsourced cleaning company.
  • Owner Portal- Zeevou
    Owner Portal
    Zeevou allows investors and landlords who work with vacation rental management companies to view their earnings in real time.
  • Maintenance- Zeevou
    Zeevou allows you to easily keep on top of all maintenance issues and check on their progress from A to Z.
  • Seamless Transition- Zeevou
    Seamless Transition
    Our Team is committed to making moving across an easy and enjoyable experience for all our Patron Hosts.
  • tust accounting- Zeevou
    Trust Accounting
    Zeevou enables you to automate profit calculations for yourself and the owners that you manage for.
  • operations management- Zeevou
    Operations Management
    Manage all your operations centrally, and automate a large part of your day-to-day administrative tasks.
  • Guest Experience
    Guest Experience
    Deliver a superb guest experience with Zeevou and watch your business grow from strength to strength!
  • Features-24
    Revenue Management
    Zeevou allows you to easily set rates in bulk for multiple properties or push prices using dynamic pricing tools.

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