Getting Started

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    This document serves both Zeevou Evangelists...
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    First Steps
    Download and install Google Chrome. Please...
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    Create a Property
    For single-unit properties, Zeevou will auto-generate...
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    Create a Unit Type
    We suggest you choose a Short Name for each Property...
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    Create a Unit
    Once created the Property and the Unit Type please go...
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    Set up automated emails
    Please go to Zeevou Set – Email Templates and go...
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    Import Bookings
    You may add your bookings either manually, or follow...
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    Set your Rates
    If you want to set specific rates for certain dates, go...

Related FAQs

  • Why system does not allow me to add a username?

    In Zeevou, each username is unique. That means each username can be registered in Zeevou only once.
    Thus, if you try to add a username as an investor or staff and system does not let you, probably the username has been already registered.
    Please note that you the username may be not part of your organisation but belong to other organisations.

  • Why my emails are sent empty to the recipients?

    If the total size of your template, including your Logo,Signature, images you may have added, exceeds 1 MB, the content of the email will not be presented to the recipient.

  • Why is my property not appearing in search results on the website?

    Make sure you have:

    1. Created a Country, City, Property, Unit Type, and a Unit. If no units have been added, nothing will show in search results.
    2. You have rates showing in Zeevou Sell – Rates & Availability Calendar under Zeevou Sell

  • Why I cannot save my preferred timing for Booking Config?

    In Zeevou Set-> Organisation Configuration, under Booking Config, you need to make sure the time you enter in the fields follow bellow order:
    earliest possible <earliest free <latest free  <latest possible
    Please note that time 23:00:00, 23:30, 23:59 is considered the last hours of a day, while 00:00:00, and 00:30:00 are considered the beginning  hours of a day.

  • Why housekeeping tasks were not assigned automatically?

    System assigns cleaning tasks only when all below conditions are met:
    – Cleaner profile has been created in Zeevou Souls/ Zeevou Staff profiles
    – The property is assigned to the cleaner in view mode of Cleaner Profile

    – Calendar Template of cleaner is filled in Edit mode of cleaner profile and it is saved. This calendar shows the time cleaner is available to do the tasks.
    – In Zeevou Huts/ Properties, housekeeper is added to the property.

    Please note that server begins to assign housekeeping tasks automatically 10 days or less before their start date.
    If you would like to reassign a task manually, please find the task in Zeevou Do/ Upcoming Housekeeping Schedule (limited to next week tasks) or Zeevou Do/ Housekeeping Schedule  (include all tasks), click on reassign option, make the changes, and save them.

  • What is the purpose of Send Notification button in booking view page?

    In Zeevou Set/ Triggers, if you tick the Favorite box of a trigger, the content (templates + attachment) you have set for that trigger becomes available in the booking page-> Send Notification button and can be fired manually as well.

  • What is Auto Charge/ Auto Refund option?

    In Zeevou Set-> Organisation Configuration, if you choose Stripe as your Gateway, Auto Charge/Auto Refund option becomes available.

    Stripe dose not keep deposits more than a week and releases them after 7 days automatically. Thus, for bookings more than a week, you need to renew the deposit after 7 days manually (that is avoiding the deposit and asking guests to do the process again).
    However, if you tick Auto Charge/Auto Refund box, system considers Stripe deposits as actual payments. That is when guests authorise the deposit, the amount is transferred to your account and after guests’ departure, if you do not want to Capture some or all part of it, it will be automatically refunded to them based on your setting in Organisation Configuration.
    Please note that  £3.00 per deposit transaction will be reduced from your account.

  • What do the options under the Create Rate Plan page mean?

    • “Is Default”

    When Is Default option is ticked, it helps in providing the default rate plan in manual booking creation. As you know, different rate plans can be set for a Unit Type. Each rate plan can include various add-ons and prices. When a user wants to create a manual booking, s/he needs to specify the her/his preferred rate plan. However, if the option of “Is Default” is ticked, system will set the default rate plan and all its associated Add-ons in manual booking creation.

    • “Apply To Channel Manager/ Booking Engine/ Admin”

    These options specify the rate plan will be applied either to

    Channel Manager that will be presented in OTAs or to

    Booking Engine that is Zeevou domain or to

    Admin that would determine the rate plans Admin can see in Zeevou.

  • What do some options in Property mean?

    •  “Allow Direct Booking”

    This option determines whether the property can be booked through the organisation domain or not.

    • “Allow Booking From Zeevou Direct”

    This option determines whether the property can be booked through Zeevou Direct or not.

  • How to duplicate a Unit Type?

    If you would like to duplicate a unit type and add only slight changes to some fields, in Unit Type view page, click on Clone option. Clone option will lead you to Create Unit Type page in which all fields are filled based on the main unit type data and you can change your preferred fields.

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