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Continuous accompaniment throughout the process, from getting started to supporting you along your path of expansion.

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Get access to real-time training and increase your turnover by maximising bookings.




Join the supportive community of like-minded hosts seeking to optimise their hospitality businesses.

The more units you have, the less you pay for each unit.

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exploring and learning.

Cara - Zeevou Customer Review

“…It has everything you need from key codes, cleaning schedules, automated emails and so much more…”

Cara Watson-Hunt

Nicola - Zeevou Customer Review

“…Being able to book a full hour demonstration was a great start to my Zeevou journey …”

Dave Hitchings

Dave- Zeevou Customer Review

“…Quite simply, Zeevou makes things super simple! It’s quick, it’s sooo simple to use….”

Nicola McManus

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