Multiple Location Property Management System

Zeevou’s multi-location PMS allows you to manage all your properties from one central login.

Multi-Location PMS

Uniting Hotel Booking and Vacation Rental Management

Zeevou’s Multi-Location PMS seamlessly blends hotel booking system benefits with vacation rental channel manager functionalities. It supports properties with multiple units while maintaining flexibility across various locations.

Hierarchical Property Organisation

Our hierarchical structure organises properties by country, city, and area. Properties correspond to real locations, such as buildings with multiple units, and similar units are grouped as a unit type. Zeevou supports various currencies for seamless international operations.

Automated Property Page Generation

Zeevou mirrors the property setup from the Extranet onto its direct booking website and booking engine. Each property, city, and country added to the system triggers an automatic page generation.

Streamlined Calendar Sync

The iCal function syncs calendars across properties, unit types, and individual units, allowing conditional blocking. It creates blocked dates in Zeevou for third-party bookings and establishes parent/child relationships for seamless management.

Country Level

Zeevou allows you to have countries set up in the system. At the Country Level, you can upload images, add a description, and enter your meta title and meta description for SEO purposes. Moreover, you can specify open graph tags to optimise how your links are displayed when shared across social media platforms.

Country Level
City Level

Each city in Zeevou is categorised under a country, and a county or state can be specified for it. At the City Level, you can add brief and full descriptions and upload images. Besides, you can specify SEO options at this level similar to the Country Level.

City Level 1
City Level 2
Area Level

The Area allows you to separate properties within a city by the section of the city in which they are located. Areas facilitate setting bulk rates, creating blocks, and enabling detailed reporting and analysis at a sub-city, multi-property level.

Area Level 1
Area Level 2
Property Level

At the Property Level, you can upload a house manual and a check-in guide to be emailed out automatically to guests at various points during the booking process.

Moreover, you can keep detailed track of information relating to parking, access, storage, Wi-Fi details, key collection, and housekeeping frequency for extended stays. You can also assign staff members of various roles to the property, such as housekeepers, office staff, and check-in staff, and specify who is in charge of maintenance.

Zeevou allows you to enter the TripAdvisor URL and Google My Business URL for the property. So, you can make use of these fields in trying to obtain feedback from happy guests following their stay.

Details like descriptions, images, and amenities added at the Property Level are seamlessly displayed on the generated website’s property page. This feature streamlines direct bookings for your convenience.

Several options specified at the organisation level can be overridden and customised at the Property Level. This includes the security deposit pre-authorisation timeline, check-in/check-out times, and associated fees.

There are dedicated fields for check-in instructions, check-out instructions, and details on how to find the property. These can all be pulled into the automated emails that you can set up within Zeevou, avoiding the need to create a separate check-in template for each property. The check-in type(s) and their order of priority are also specified at the Property Level. The default check-in template, provided upon sign-up, includes conditions tailored to send relevant information based on the specific check-in type for each booking.

Zeevou simplifies operations for multi-brand setups by centralising management while preserving distinct marketing strategies. You can assign each property a default brand and add multiple brands as needed. This allows properties to appear on multiple booking websites generated by the system.

Lastly, there is an Additional Information field which is for admin purposes only. This allows you to conveniently track account numbers or other relevant information for easy reference for personal use and easy sharing with colleagues, eliminating the need for Excel spreadsheets.

Property Level 1
Property Level 2
Unit Type Level

The Unit Type Level centralises shared information for all grouped units within it. This includes rates, the extra guest price for the booking engine, booking-related costs such as housekeeping and check-in, the security deposit amount, and the average housekeeping time.

Moreover, you can specify the make-up in terms of different rooms (bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, living rooms) and specify the sleeping arrangements in each room.

Should you wish to do so, you can override certain information set at the Property Level.

Unit Type Level 1
Unit Type Level 2
Unit Level

At the Unit Level, you can upload images of the unit itself, add to or override check-in instructions and Wi-Fi details set at higher levels, keep track of the unit access code and specify the parking spot number(s) assigned to that unit.

Unit Level 1
Unit Level 2
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