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Zeevou's Roadmap

Zeevou’s Roadmap is full of exciting features and surprises. We are constantly striving to be at the forefront of the industry by enhacing our offering and to push the boundaries of what is possible.

The items on our feature development roadmap are prioritised based on feedback obtained by our current Patrons. We hold a three-weekly Partner Host Forum, where we engage with our Partner Hosts and try to find out which features are the most important for them. Based on this, we try to obtain a feeling for which tasks are needed more urgently, and we use this to inform the order in which we work on features in our next release.

In the long term we hope to be able to develop a system which will allow us to democratise this process even further and track more accurately the interest in various features.

Our Magician Team are highly effective in what they do. We have brought together some of the best talent out there, and have built up two teams of developers who work according to the Scrum framework methodology. Having two in-house dedicated teams of developers means we can adapt very fast to changing market requirements, and respond effectively to user requests. We work in three-weekly cycles called sprints, and we update the roadmap once a sprint to give you an idea of what we are working on in the current sprint (labelled “In Progress”), what is scheduled “Next” (1-3 sprints from now), and “Soon” (4-12 sprints away).

We try to be as transparent as possible in what we are working on, as such, we publish our Roadmap for everyone to see. The roadmap is agile and flexible, meaning that we could decide to move things around if we decide that priorities change. The next and soon sections are therefore mainly indicative. The “In Progress” column lays out what we have set as a goal to work on for the current sprint. While we cannot promise that all the features will be delivered every sprint, we do our best to always meet the goals that we set to ourselves.

Should you have any suggestions, please join our next Partner Host Forum. For a brief explainer video about Zeevou, click here.

In Progress

More flexibility in how hosts manage their Zeevou Subscriptions, including upgrades/downgrades, changes to billing details, etc.

  • Allow for setting of rules based on various conditions to dynamically alter prices, minimum & maximum stays, manage orphan nights, and close off peak dates on channels.
  • Make it easier to specify a cleaning add-on for each unit type
  • Automate the payment process for add-ons requiring admin approval
  • Limit the sale of early check-in and late check-out add-ons for same day change-overs
  • Stop sell & stop booking confirmation emails being triggered during setup.
  • Enable for multi-booking mapping for unmapped unit type bookings.
  • Send bed configuration for each booking to housekeeper
  • Add the ability to add a note for each task sent to housekeeper
  • Allow for customisation of the time of day when notifications are sent to housekeepers for new tasks
  • Review spelling mistakes in existing default email templates
  • Simplify creating branded custom email templates
  • Create default pre check-out and post check-out templates

Add taxes as a concept to bookings and add-ons.

Improve the loading speed for various pages of the direct booking website.


A basic mobile app to allow hosts to manage bookings on the go through a mobile app.

  • Add more fields to be auditable in the change history

Allow for custom task creation and enhanced task management.

Integrate Zeevou with Quickbooks Online.

Allow for automation around payment terms and cancellation policies.

Display total number of booked nights, total number of available nights, and the average length of stay for the chosen period. Allow for the report to be run for more than one month at a time and provide a month on month chart comparison display.

Allow for converting a blocked date to a booking.


Allow for group bookings both in terms of multiple units for the same set of dates, as well as recurring Mon-Fri bookings. Enable merging of invoices for different bookings into one booking.

  • Enable cloning of Trigger Rules
  • Add guest-based trigger rules
  • Add task-based trigger rules
  • Enable day-of-the-week conditions
  • Add unallocated booking as a variable

The ability to clone a unit.

Manual guest profile merging.

Upgrade Stripe partnership to OAuth 2.0.

Allow booking deletion.

We will be working on a feature set to allow you to assign tasks to maintenance personnel and to enable them to view these and update you on their progress through the mobile app.

Allow an organisation admin to change their organisation name themselves.

Provide a link to the booking in the OTA in Zeevou’s confirmation email for new bookings.

Create two new booking statuses – enquiries and quotes. An enquiry should not block availability, whereas a quote should.

Develop features to guide hosts joining Zeevou through the set-up process.

Allow for add-on deletion.

Allow for customisation in the date format of CSV/Excel exports.

Improving the search algorithm for the booking websites to display not only exact matches of city names, but to also display properties nearby the search term/post code being searched for.

We will be working on improving the loading speeds of the booking websites.

Allowing for customisation of which add-ons should be re-created when extending a booking.

Allow for deactivation of unit types.

Allowing for the deletion of units and unit types under certain conditions.

Ensure building address is used rather than property address for buildings with multiple properties (with differing addresses).

Develop a page to allow guests to unsubscribe from marketing emails.

Enable waiving of security deposit and/or ID verification rules for guests associated with a specific corporation.

Allow for Team creation in staff profile.

Allow for distribution of blog posts through Zeevou Direct.

  • Allow for exporting of R&A Calendar.
  • Enabling black-out dates to exclude certain dates from promotions.
  • Enable changig of start date in the R&A Calendar.
  • Enable background block to allow for blocking of dates even if they overlap with existing bookings.
  • Specify advance booking windows with cut-off times.
  • Allow for specification of R&A by channel.
  • Auto-block x days after check-out.
  • Allow for customisation of extra guest fees by the night.
  • Allow for filtering by applicable date in the availability log.
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