About Us


Zeevou is a global community that helps you grow your hospitality business through cutting-edge automation, industry-leading training, and world-class support.


We are committed to developing a hospitality platform that allows for all the various stakeholders to be able to engage with each other directly and efficiently, because we believe that this will contribute to making the world a better place.



We believe in people. While the Zeevou team was formed with a focus on technical expertise and relevant professional experience, we also wanted to provide opportunities to those who needed them most. By choosing Zeevou, you’re not only choosing the best solutions for your business, but also investing in social mobility. We work with operators of all sizes to ensure every hospitality owner or manager, regardless of size, has the tools necessary to compete on a level playing field powered by outstanding technology.



Zeevou’s founder, Na’ím Anís Paymán, has made it his life’s mission to advance civilization – and kickstart things if they seem a little slow! After doing his undergraduate studies at Cambridge University in the Natural Sciences, he decided to expand his interests through business, growing a short term rental company to hundreds of units within a few years. It was while he was dealing with the consequences of that rapid expansion that the idea for Zeevou was born. Designed as a lean startup with a focus on technology and innovation, Zeevou keeps ahead of the curve by using real life processes and feedback to update its features and functionalities.


Why us?


At Zeevou, we innovate.

The idea is not simply to tick off an ever-expanding checklist of offers, but to provide the features customers actually want.


What guides and motivates us at Zeevou is a futuristic vision of what hospitality should be. We spearhead change by paying close attention to customer ideas, implementing those ‘lightbulb moments’ and ensuring that the Zeevou experience is one that draws users back, over and over again.


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