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Automate Your Property’s Operations and Boost Revenue

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Utilise Zeevou's Automation for:

Pushing Rates & Availability

Get synchronised rates and increased exposure while at the same time reducing the risk of overbookings.

Enhancing Guest Communication

Enhance guest satisfaction with seamless communication, from pre-booking inquiries to post-stay interactions.

Maximising Revenue

Adjust rates to optimise your property’s earning potential, with dynamic pricing strategies.

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Pushing Your Rates & Availability in Real-time with Zeevou’s Channel Manager

API integrations in hospitality tools update rates and 
availability in real time, reducing manual effort and errors. 
Zeevou’s Channel Manager offers 2-way connections 
to 200+ channels, preventing overbookings. When mapping rates, consider OTA contract clauses. Listings must be created separately and linked. Zeevou’s channel manager enhances efficiency, providing clear property status and saving time on inquiries.

Roger - Zeevou customer Review

“It has been working well pretty well, I like it because I can give bookings on my own, somebody likes to serve to come back to my website instead of going through Airbnb or on the others, so I like that!”

Roger Burton,
Riverview Ranch & Resort

Facilitating Guest Communication with Automated Messaging and Unified Inbox

Our Unified Inbox consolidates all emails, from OTA bookings to general inquiries, in one location for seamless team communication. With customizable automated messaging, create templates with system variables, triggering at various booking stages.

Unified Inbox Role

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Discover Our Product Support

Zeevou Help Articles

Help Articles

Explore our extensive help articles and find solutions to common questions.

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Ask Our Experts

Book a 1:1 call with our product team or raise a hand.

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Zeevou Community

Join our community on Discord and Facebook. Get help from peers.

Property Owners Integration - Zeevou

Integrated Solutions for Effortless Automation

Zeevou integrates with a wide variety of partners to enable you to automate every aspect of your hospitality business from pricing, to guest vetting, to communications and accounting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zeevou responsible for marketing my vacation rentals on the website that it generates?

Zeevou creates an SEO-friendly website for your vacation rentals and uses different tools, including metadata fields for SEO, and Open Graph Tags for sharing your website pages on Facebook and Twitter. However, Zeevou is not in charge of the marketing aspect of your businesses. You yourself should create content and plan different marketing strategies on your website. But Zeevou streamlines publishing your content to help with implementing your strategies.

If I can’t or don’t want to meet a guest in person, how can I give them the access to my short-term rental?

Through Zeevou’s integration with KeyNest, you can give access to your guests without having to be physically present. The process is very streamlined as you only have to give access to your staff or guests. Then, they should go to a 24/7 local store with the access code or key. As soon as this happens, KeyNest notifies you so that you’ll be informed if the key is collected or dropped off.

Do the weekly and monthly rates push to the channels that we are linked to? What is their use then?

No, unfortunately, channels only accept nightly rates. However, if you can make good use of your direct booking website and drive more and more guests to your booking engine, they can enjoy the special weekly and monthly rates you have set for them. This means that multiple rate plans can run simultaneously for one unit type. So, when your guest wants to stay for less than a week, less than a month, or a few months, a different type could be adopted for each of them. This way, you’ll be able to offer better rates for longer stays, reduce empty dates, and fill your property as much as possible.

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