Zeevou at Short Stay Show 2020 – Free Tickets

Zeevou As a Stage Partner

On Thursday 12 March 2020, Zeevou is delighted to be speaking at the Short Stay Show in London. Zeevou is also sponsoring the Technology Stage at the event. Na’ím Anís Paymán, Zeevou’s Chief Revolutionary, and Ammar Shaer, Zeevou’s Chief Strategist, will be giving interesting talks and participating in panels at this event. Na’ím’s talk will be dedicated to direct bookings and how these can be increased by getting to know your guests better online. He will be joined by other panelists from well-known organizations to discuss topics relating to technology, people, education and continuous improvement. Join Zeevou at the Short Stay Show 2020 to learn more about the industry. You will here particularly what Zeevou has to offer to those seeking to ensure consistent growth.

What’s on at the Short Stay Show 2020?

The content and networking available at this event will be very informative. Carlos Villaro from EHHA will moderate a panel session. Panellists are Alessandro Pacilio from Booking.com, Maxime Leufroy-Murat from City Relay, Humphrey Bowles from GUARDHOG Technologies, and Na’ím Anís Paymán from Zeevou. It will be a chance to find out about the latest trends that will help improve your business. To prepare what’s ahead of you as a short stay business, you’ll get invaluable insights by attending this particular stage session. 

The Short Stay Show takes you to the midst of the vacation rental marketplace. It showcases products and services related to the industry. In a nutshell, you will land in a networking area full of peers, professionals, and pioneers. For tickets, click here. Contact us, and we may be able to get free tickets for you!

Where to Find Zeevou?

The venue is located at Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, Royal Docks, London E16 1XL. The doors open at 09.00am. Zeevou’s impressive stand is located across the Network Area at booth 435 in front of that of Beyond Pricing and surrounded by other giants of the industry. Zeevou will be officially launching in March, around the same time as the event is held. Feel free to come and see us at the Zeevou booth. You can have a chat with one of the members of our Partner Success Team about our features and functionalities. 

We will be also rolling out our new annual pricing plan, which, we are sure, will just amaze you! To make things even more interesting at the show. We’ll be offering one free annual subscription to Zeevou for up to 5 units, worth £2300 to one lucky person . Simply leave your business card, subscribe to our newsletter using an online signup form, and you’ll automatically be entered into the competition. 

How to get there

ExCeL London® is located at the Royal Victoria Dock, One Western Gateway. Parking should be booked in advance through the official website. ExCeL® is situated on the Docklands Light Railway line, via the Custom House (for the west entrance) or Prince Regent (for the east entrance) stops. If you are going by London Underground, the Canning Town (Jubilee Line) stop allows you to change onto a Docklands Light Railway train to the venue.

To learn more about Zeevou before or after the show, simply click on this link. One of our friendly staff will reach out to you and walk you through The Direct Booking Revolution.  

Zeevou’s New Pricing Strategy

Lets unveile Zeevou’s new pricing strategy! The roll-out has been eagerly embraced by Zeevou’s partner hosts and prospective clients. It is causing a stir in the vacation rental and hotel industries.  The more units or rooms you have, the less you will have to pay per unit for Zeevou’s subscription.

The rates differ depending on the type of units you operate and trust in Zeevou’s care; there’s a striking difference between apartments, houses, and cottages on the one hand and guesthouse, B&B, and hotel rooms on the other hand. In other words, you won’t be issued the same invoice as Zeevou’s pricing packages differ based on unit types. No matter what unit type you’re offering, there will still be a fixed rate, with no commission requests or hidden fees. From now on, if you sign a contract for a year, you can save a remarkable amount of money.

To give you an example, by signing up to Zeevou’s annual subscription, you can save, £250 a month based on 25 units, £750 for 50 units, and £1802 for 100 units if you’re operating apartments, houses or cottages. Likewise, you’ll save the same amounts for B&B, guesthouse, and hotel rooms, but the total price will be far lower. There’s a well-thought formula at work that calculates the monthly subscription fees based on the number of units. So, every individual unit added will invariably knock down the price per unit. 

Monthly Packages Are Still Available!

But don’t despair – we have not removed our flexible option! Monthly packages will give you the option to still enter a contract with Zeevou. If you’re operating units for a limited period of time or simply wish to give Zeevou a try before committing yourself whole-heartedly to Zeevou those fit you. Besides, if you’re not happy with Zeevou for any reason, we’ve removed the previous notice period of a month for a smooth transition to whatever system you’re more comfortable with. And finally, the new contracts come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  We’ve thought of everything to benefit you in every possible way!

The price points have been carefully calculated to ensure mutual profits. As a result, we can guarantee that the rate won’t change in the near future to give you stability and peace of mind. You’ll find the details of Zeevou’s new pricing strategy and FAQs here. We’ve made it extremely easy for you on our pricing page. You can see for yourself what it would cost you to join The Direct Booking Revolution as a premium supporter!

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Zeevou Direct. We aim for the free OTA that will allow guests to book directly with hosts without having to pay any commissions or intermediary fees!

Beyond Pricing Integration

To set the right price based on changes in demand, applying a dynamic pricing software seems to be the most optimum way. Zeevou, the specialist property management system, announces its integration with Beyond Pricing.

 Beyond Pricing is an automated dynamic pricing solution for Airbnb and other vacation rental sites or online travel agencies (OTAs). Its aim is similar to that of other dynamic pricing solutions, which is maximising occupancy and revenue during both high seasons and off-peaks. Since its first integration with Airbnb, Beyond Pricing has set pricing for over 120,000 listings. Data-driven price recommendations of Beyond Pricing is claimed to be similar to the calculation used for the largest hotels and airlines in the world.

How does Beyond Pricing calculate its price recommendations?

Daily analysis of each individual market based on different factors serves as a basis for price recommendations in Beyond Pricing. The variables involved include the day of the week, seasonality and local events. The recommendations are valid for one year long and become applicable to be pushed to different channels afterward.

What are the benefits of getting Beyond Pricing integrated to your listing website?

1. A detailed breakdown of every price recommendation

Beyond pricing shows you why the prices are going up or down on any day of the year. 

2. A centralised view of a year of pricing recommendations

Seeing the full year of price recommendations provides you the option of syncing the whole year’s recommendations.

3. Automated dynamic pricing

As demand changes, all of the pricing of the properties go under a well-articulated revenue management automatically. 

4. Pricing improvement opportunities

Beyond Pricing recommends prices after analysing factors such as neighborhood, seasonality, local demand and more. By having all the recommendations in one centralised table, you do not lose any of price optimisation opportunities.

How should you set up Beyond Pricing in Zeevou?

  1. Enable BeyondPricing in Zeevou.
  2. Sign up for BeyondPricing. Don’t link Airbnb or HomeAway when prompted following sign-up, instead follow step 3.
  3. Click on this link.
  4. You need your Zeevou Username and Zeevou API key. 
  5. Go to Zeevou Set -> Pricing Module Integration, and copy your username and API key.
  6. Return to BeyondPricing, enter your API details, and click on Link Account.
  7. Finalise the integration.

How much does it cost?

Beyond Pricing offers a 30-day free trial. It charges 1% of all bookings made during each month. In the case of a booking cancellation, Beyond Pricing returns the money back.  Should you want to know more details about the cost of Beyond Pricing, please read this.

PriceLabs Integration

Tweaking the minimum night stay rules and changing the nightly price for special occasions would be time-consuming and almost impossible if you want to do it manually. Consequently, any vacation rental owner needs to arm herself with dynamic pricing tools. Zeevou, the specialist property management system, is honored to announce its integration with PriceLabs.

PriceLabs is a web-based revenue management for vacation rentals. By setting the best rate for every night, there is no more need for wrestling with the calendar and rates for hours on end. PriceLabs integration with Zeevou helps you  with: 

  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Automated Price Pushing
  • Updating Direct Booking Rates
  • Updating Channel Rates
  • Preserving Channel Pricing Rules
  • Controlling Minimum Length of Stay
  • Checking Occupancy Levels

By integrating with this dynamic pricing tool, pricings are calculated automatically and you can send those to the channels. You are free to choose your own last-minute discount scheme or any other kind of customisation. You just need to click on the edit customisation link to override your own customisations for a listing, group, or account level. Please read this link for further information.

How are the price recommendations calculated in PriceLabs?

Besides all the automation that Pricelabs provides you with, you can customise settings too. For example, you can set the lowest price and the highest price and the recommendations will not go below or above those, or you can also set last-minute discounts to override PriceLabs recommendations on specific dates. To know about pricing in more detail, please read this interesting article.

The combination of the information over which you have control and some analyses that PriceLabs provides you with are two parts of the algorithm. PriceLabs estimates a base price for the listing for the first time based on its current performance.  After setting the base price, PriceLabs applies the historic demand trends (seasonal, weekend vs. weekday), future supply and demand data (occupancy levels and prices for vacation rentals and hotels for future dates), and how far a date is (last-minute discounting, etc.). Altering the base price results in the reduction or increase of the price recommendations.  

Using PriceLabs with Zeevou is easy:

How should you set up PriceLabs in Zeevou?

  1. Enable PriceLabs in Zeevou
  2. Sign up for PriceLabs or log in to your existing PriceLabs account.
    Once logged in to your account, click “Connect to your Airbnb/PMS account” and select Zeevou.
  3. You need your Zeevou Username and Zeevou API key.
  4. Go to Zeevou Set -> Pricing Module Integration, and copy your username and API key.
  5. Return to PriceLabs, enter your API details, and click “Login.”

The Importance of Dynamic Pricing

What Is Dynamic Pricing? 

Dynamic pricing has emerged as a variation for fixed pricing and is taking precedence over fixed pricing in some industries. Hospitality, travel, public transport and retail are among the industries which have realised the importance of dynamic pricing to set flexible rates for their products and services.

With dynamic pricing, one can calculate the optimal price for their. It is an automated process that changes the price based on supply and demand. However, in order to calculate pricing, dynamic pricing applies a more advanced analysis of data rather than just taking into consideration supply and demand. Adjusting the prices according to the competitors’ is one way to determine optimal pricing. It can also be altered by the rate of a website’s viewers who have been successfully converted into buyers. If this rate is low, the decrease in the price is an alternative dynamic pricing method.

Nowadays e-commerce is the biggest fan of dynamic pricing. Apart from large companies like Airlines and Amazon, vacation rental owners are also aware of the importance of dynamic pricing to find the highest possible price that does not deter potential consumers.  

Strategies of Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing might apply one of the following strategies: 

  • Price can differ based on locality and geography, meaning that the supply and demand for different items are different in different places. 
  • Price can differ based on time. Different items can be discounted on special occasions on the calendars of different nations and cultures.
  • Competitors’ pricing is useful to check if the price you set is too low or too high.
  • Prices can be adapted due to the peak of demand and the inability to supply. 
  • Pricing differs due to different behaviors shown by customers. For example, provided that the customers visit the site after filling a survey or it is the third time they visit the website in a day, the price can be discounted.  

Why is Dynamic Pricing Important in the Vacation Rental Business?

As a vacation rental owner, you need to set competitive pricing. 

Knowing the nightly price of similar properties helps compare your prices with those of your competitors’. Searching and tracking the ever-changing nightly prices set by your competitors is very demanding if not impossible. In addition, prices vary constantly with the anticipation of special events and different holidays. If you need the knowledge of the competitors’ pricing, the trends and the implications of special events and occasions, then a dynamic pricing tool would be more than helpful to you. 

 As a vacation rental owner, you need to change your rates regularly.

You might have noticed fluctuations in the rates of accommodation of various kinds both as a guest and a vacation rental owner. This is because of holidays and special events taking place on the calendar. As a vacation rental owner, you need to set different rates for your property for different occasions. Obviously, you do not sell your vacancies with the same price on different occasions. Instead of fixing your eyes tirelessly on the calendar, you just need to apply a dynamic pricing tool. It can watch out for the changes and do the job for you.   

You need an accurate minimum night stay algorithm.

In order to maximize your occupancy, you need to set exceptions for the minimum night stay rules. You can fill the vacancies in the availability calendar. Vacation rental owners do it manually whenever they expect the vacancy of their property between two bookings unless the cleaning and maintenance fees become too high. Dynamic pricing helps automate minimum night stay rules to maximize your profits. 

Zeevou and Dynamic Pricing!

Dynamic pricing tools help you tailor your revenue by maximizing the occupancy of your properties and recommending the best price per night. Zeevou has the privilege of integrating with Beyond Pricing and PriceLabs. These two data-driven pricing algorithms increase your revenue and vacation rentals occupancy all through automation.   

If these integrations look interesting to you, please follow our next two blog posts or contact Zeevou Partner Success Team now.               

Airbnb Crash and the Importance of Collecting Guests’ Direct Contact Details

Airbnb website was down last night, 9th January, 2020. According to Downdetector, Airbnb crash incidents is not limited to this single one. The website experienced outages and problems on 5th and 13th December due to maintenance or technical issues, who knows?! No matter what, the consequences of Airbnb site crash can impact both ends of the host-guest spectrum.

Imagine a newlywed couple heading out to their Airbnb cabin to set out their honeymoon journey to be remembered for a lifetime, and all of a sudden all connection with their host is lost, and they wind up wandering around worrying how to check in. Booking confirmation, check-in and check-out instructions, reporting maintenance issues, payments and all related issues will be impacted following Airbnb crash of whatever sort. As a result, as a host you will be left with a swarm of complaints you could easily avoid and use as a competitive advantage or a unique selling point had your guests’ direct contact details, what Airbnb fails to deliver to you.

Airbnb Email Addresses

According to Airbnb, in order to “help build trust, fight scammers and protect your personal information,” they create an anonymised, temporary email addresses for both the host and the guest once a reservation is made. This way Airbnb also makes sure the chances of receiving direct bookings through the host’s website are minimised to the slightest degree. Quite an ingenious scheme to kill two birds with one stone, right?!

But what if you, as a host, could take the initiative and change the rules of the game? This time around, contrary to the past, you can get your hands on your guests’ real contact details whether they make a reservation on Airbnb or on other OTAs and property listing websites. Good news is not only being able to contact your guests during Airbnb or other platform outages, but also possessing a sought-after database of real email addresses to marketing purposes. You wouldn’t want to let hard-earned money slip through your fingers again and again in the form of commissions to Airbnb and the rest of OTAs.

 So, what can be done during Airbnb crash?

Zeevou’s 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process is designed in such a way to ensure GDPR-compliant contact details collection, what each and every one marketers in the industry desperately look for! Guests receive a copy of the booking information, and are invited to make any corrections or additions as necessary. Any forwarding email addresses provided by OTAs or booking agents are hidden, and the guest is asked for their real email address. They are also prompted to provide an estimated time of arrival, and to opt in to GDPR marketing. If the person who has made the booking is not the one who will be staying on site, then the main guest’s details are also requested. Moreover, this step allows you to ask whether it’s a Leisure or Work booking.

You would never leave the fate of your vacation rental or hotel business to luck, or worse in the hands of industry giants like Airbnb! So, why not play by your own rules and join Zeevou, the Direct Booking Revolution, in 2020?

5 Factors to Look Out for When Choosing Arbitrage Properties

If you are thinking about expanding your vacation rental business you might find there are many aspects that you need to bear in mind. In this blog post, our Team at Zeevou have synthesised five factors to look out for when choosing arbitrage properties.

1. Customer Segmentation

First of all, you need to know who it is that is going to be staying in your property. Will you be targeting:

  • Corporate executives,
  • Contractors,
  • Family visitors,
  • Tourists,
  • Traveling nurses,
  • Or academics?

Each of the abovementioned groups has certain requirements which should be considered while thinking of adding a property to your portfolio of vacation rentals.

2. Amenities

For each segment of your customers, you have to provide certain amenities. However, there are a few facilities which are guaranteed to always be welcome.


Having a private parking space in a safe and secure corner is always counted as an added value for the majority of your guests, especially for local tourists and those who are on a business trip.  

Internet Access

Nowadays, the importance of having internet access is equivalent to having a bed or a bathroom in your vacation rental. It is quite essential to be able to provide Wi-Fi internet access and to ensure that the signal is strong enough to enable guests to use their mobile phones. If a guest is to complain about something, you’d rather have them complain about not having a bed and a mattress, than about not having internet access or having a poor signal.

Room Size

Size of the room is one of the factors to look out for when choosing arbitrage properties. With regards to the size of the bedrooms in the property, make sure it has enough space for a double bed to fit, and ideally additional space for a foldable bed.

Common Spaces

Check the sanitary facilities.  Make sure there are enough showers and bathrooms for the maximum potential occupancy of the property. As regards the kitchen and common areas, there should be enough sitting and working space for at least half of the guests to be able to use them simultaneously at any given point.

3. Location

Depending on the customer segmentation, you need to think about different factors when trying to select a good spot. You need to try and predict the buying pattern of the guests who are going to stay at your vacation rental. Each segment has specific requirements.

Proximity to Public Transport

One of the most important factors for tourists is the Bus Stop and Metro Station accessibility. In addition, being in the main zone of public transportation is also vital for them as no one wants to stay in outer zones of public transportation when time is at a premium.   

Proximity to Tourist Attractions

The further away from tourist attractions the property is located, the less popular your vacation rental would be. Tourists are in the city to spend time visiting attractions, not to look at underground tunnels and other bus passengers.

Proximity to Central Business Districts

If you are trying to target business travellers, try to see what areas of town are likely to attract them. You need to be located in the vicinity of the central business district; there is one or other areas with high concentrations of offices.

The Average Age in the Neighbourhood

Considering the average age in the area is quite important as you may otherwise find yourself located next to a retirement home. In this case, you risk facing heightened complaints from neighbours about the noise caused by frequent check-ins and check-outs.  Therefore, it is better to avoid districts which are exclusive to one specific age group.


Depending on the location of the building, the flux of your customers may vary throughout the year. This seasonality may lead to fluctuations of the income that you are generating from the rentals. A building close to the sea has the highest occupancy rate in the summer, while the one close to the mountains is appropriate for skiing resorts, and would thus be most popular over the winter months. A centrally located vacation rental offers the best accommodation for the tourists. Location bears a direct impact on the seasonality of your business.

4. Operations

Thinking about your ability of serving your guests to an appropriate standard down the line is one of the factors to Look out for when choosing arbitrage properties. Will you be able to

A. Find a local cleaning company in the vicinity of the property?
B. Manage the check-ins and check-outs remotely, either through meet & greets or via a self check-in mechanism?
C. Check the property for damage shortly after each check-out?
D. Find maintenance personnel who are able to respond promptly when required?

5. Does the Deal Stack?

Similar to every business owner, you need to check whether the income is likely to be higher than costs associated with renting the property as you are considering adding to your vacation rental portfolio. Below you can find a list of items to take into account, which we will go into in more detail in upcoming blogs by Zeevou.  

  • Rental level
  • Predicted bills
  • Insurance costs
  • Turnover costs
  • Upfront investment
  • Software costs
  • Staffing costs
  • Nightly rates
  • Occupancy levels
  • Seasonality
  • Return on investment
  • Return on risk

Let’s See What Happened at HOST 2019!

HOST 2019 brings together the latest developments in the vacation rental and short let business. It creates a vibrant event packed with valuable new approaches, insights, and technology. Zeevou at HOST 2019 provided the interested ones with an opportunity to explore The Direct Booking Revolution.

Zeevou at HOST 2019

HOST 2019 is a great way to stay up to date with the latest trends. The protagonists of the industry are all over the floor of the event. It gives visitors, exhibitors and speakers an excellent opportunity to create new connections for collaboration. Here one learns from new developments and shares valuable ideas.

Zeevou had the opportunity to present its revolutionary approach at booth #54. The location is right next to the main stage of the event and the bar. It was certainly clear that all participants were eager to see what each one of the booths is about. As a result, Zeevou aimed to give participants an as complete as possible experience of what the revolutionary cloud-based software is all about. Probably through live demos, one-on-one explorations, and a warm invitation to grab a coffee or tea, Team Zeevou extended its core values of hospitality and service. For participants, Zeevou became more than a magic trick, but a real solution to their everyday encounters in the vacation rental business. It truly brings to the market a revolutionary approach and redefines what it means to host.

As for the aftermath of the event, it is sure that Zeevou will continue to expand its network. Hence Zeevou continues to build on the connections to bring an ever more pleasant experience to the guest and the host.

Remotely Monitoring of your Airbnb’s Cleanliness

Any owner of a vacation rental business must be aware of the importance of offering an impeccably clean property to guests. Guests are also looking for a homely and welcoming experience. They will not compromise on their expectations when it comes to hygienic standards. It is very common to receive negative reviews due to slight issues like a barely visible hair on a pillowcase, or grime on light switches. Deep cleaning after every check-out or engaging professional cleaning services involves a huge amount of work. But if positive reviews matter to you, cleaning will become an integral part of your business. Thankfully, the growth of the vacation rental market has meant that there are solutions available to Remotely Monitoring of your Airbnb’s Cleanliness.

Local Professional Vacation Rental Cleaners

By just googling you will find a list of local vacation rental cleaning companies available in your vicinity.  Although you have many options, it can also be confusing and difficult to choose the appropriate cleaners. Having an Airbnb cleaning checklist in hand will make the process of finding the right cleaning service easier.  Probably checking the reviews left for the cleaning company, and a bit of trial and error will allow you to find the group that can fulfill your expectations. Finally, after making your choice, you have to follow a procedure. You should ask the cleaner to follow your cleaning checklist, sending pictures to the supervisor to show the work status.

There are multiple cleaning checklist templates available on the internet. While items including the kitchen, wet areas, exterior, and sleeping areas are musts on any cleaning checklist, Zeevou has a detailed cleaning checklist template which it provides for cleaners, including items beyond the standard ones found on most checklists. If you want to read the article, please click here.

 Cleaning Apps for Vacation Rentals

Vacation rental cleaning apps are a good choice when operating and tracking short term rental cleans from a remote location. With a cleaning app, you can schedule the cleaning tasks, check the quality of the cleaners, and also find all available local cleaning companies. 

Properly is a cleaning app known for its photo integration. You can take photos and add notes on the parts you want to flag or clean again.

TurnoverBnB is another cleaning app that is currently available only in the US and Canada. It has integrations with major OTAs, providing a cleaning schedule linked to coming bookings, check-ins, and check-outs.

MaidThis, Handy, Airtasker, Doinn, GuestPrep, and Airhosta are among the many other cleaning apps for vacation rentals you can look into in your area.

Integrated Solutions Like a Comprehensive PMS

Choosing the right Property Management System with an integrated cleaning solution reduces your management workload. Instead of paying for separate applications, and incorporating them manually into your workflow with the attendant problems that can result from the integration of different systems, why not choose a comprehensive, all-in-one solution?  

Zeevou is an easy to use online platform that automates hospitality management. The cleaning module of this PMS is incorporated into this exceptional system. Zeevou Clean links automatically with all the other parts of the PMS, from marketing to bookings, to operations.

Zeevou Clean compares favourably with existing solutions tailored for the vacation rental industry.

  • It has a developed algorithm for allocating tasks to the housekeepers, asks you to input the time needed for each task, and considers the travel time between properties if the staff have to follow a cleaning itinerary in a day.
  • You can create bespoke teams for certain tasks within your system.
  • The cleaners can access the list of their cleans on their mobile apps, making communication more efficient. 
  • Zeevou records the cleaners’ GPS during the time the task is under progress. The cleaners should upload photos of each room to check the quality of their job.
  • Housekeepers can also report other maintenance issues through their mobile apps, which are then fed into Zeevou Fix. Zeevou Clean enables you to manage housekeeping tasks remotely. It takes advantage of your housekeepers’ presence to deal with any issues your vacation rental property might have faced.

Are you interested in knowing more about how Zeevou helps you Remotely Monitoring of your Airbnb’s Cleanliness? Please read this page. You can also contact Zeevou Partner Success Team as we can’t wait to show you around!

Vacation Rental Channel Manager at HOST 2019

Zeevou, a vacation rental channel manager, is set to exhibit at HOST 2019. Our Team have managed to secure a prime booth right next to the Keynote/Business Strategy and Growth Theatre.

Are you a Rentalpreneur looking for a property management software (PMS) for your vacation rental or serviced apartment business? If so, we look forward to having a chat with you at the event. Let us help you automate your processes and grow your business. In turn, you can help us disrupt the industry by joining The Direct Booking Revolution!

What is Zeevou (vacation rental channel manager)?

Zeevou is a PMS and channel manager developed specifically for vacation rental hosts. Similarly, we cater to serviced apartment managers. In summary, it is a system suitable to all hospitality accommodation operators with units across multiple locations and/or managing remotely.

Firstly, the system offers a great degree of automation. In addition, being the most innovative channel manager on the market, it aims to address the pain points hosts face in their daily activities.

Regarded as the best channel manager, it is constantly releasing new features to assist SA operators and vacation rental hosts to automate the mundane. Above all, this allows them to focus on growing their business. Moreover, from marketing, to pushing rates and availabilities to channels, finance and operations, we’ve got it all covered for you.

In conclusion, Zeevou is more than just another tech company. It is a cause. Firstly, we are fighting for our partner hosts. In addition, we are striving to enable them to have more control over their businesses. Above all, we are innovating to promote direct bookings for operators of all sizes and decrease reliance on OTAs.

And you? Will you join The Direct Booking Revolution? Come and have a chat with us at our premium booth, and look out for the best Vacation Rental Channel Manager at HOST 2019.

What is HOST 2019?

HOST has been designed to teach Rentalprenuers and Holiday rental operators how to:
✔  Make real money from your most valuable asset – your home
✔  Get started in the holiday rental business
✔  Navigate pitfalls
✔  Choose the best partners
This is an event for: 
Rentalprenuers and Hosts | Vacation Rentals/Holiday Villas | Small to medium hospitality | Big Hospitality and hotels
Your only chance this year to learn from leaders and pioneers across the Rentalpreneur and Vacation rental community. 

Vacation Rental Channel Manager HOST 2019
Vacation Rental Channel Manager HOST 2019

When and where is HOST 2019 taking place?

The event starts at 10:00 am on 31 October 2019 and ends at 17:00 on 1 November 2019.

Location wise, the venue for the event is:

Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
London N1 0QH

How can I attend?

To get your Free Tickets, click here.

Who else besides Zeevou vacation rental channel manager will be present?

Here is the full list of attendees:

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PriceLabs Chekin
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