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Empower Your Growth with Zeevou:

Streamlining Guest Verification

Simplifies guest reservations, screening and approving your guests through the booking process.

Facilitating Task Management

Helps you to manage housekeeping tasks and improve communication and collaboration with your staff members.

Offering Real-Time Reporting

Gives a good overview of your business’s performance at any point – be it finances, occupancy or operations.

Booking Page - Check-in Ready

Streamlining the Booking Process with Guest Verification and Check-In Management

The automated booking processing ensures that guests 
have completed all the steps you require for a booking to 
be fully confirmed. Plus, your managers can remotely manage your check-ins. You can rest assured that payments, security deposits, digital signing of your terms and conditions, collection of ID and verification of the guest have all been completed.

“…It has everything you need from key codes, cleaning schedules, automated emails and so much more…”

Cara Watson-Hunt

Facilitating Task Management and Housekeeping Operations

Offering convenient mobile apps for hosts and housekeepers. The Host App allows hosts to manage bookings, check bookings, and use a unified inbox for messages. The Housekeeping App assists housekeepers with task management, including creating tasks, reporting issues, and uploading property media directly through the app. Both apps enhance the efficiency of property management on-the-go.

Housekeeping App

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Discover Our Product Support

Zeevou Help Articles

Help Articles

Explore our extensive help articles and find solutions to common questions.

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Ask Our Experts

Book a 1:1 call with our product team or raise a hand.

Zeevou Community on Discord

Zeevou Community

Join our community on Discord and Facebook. Get help from peers.

Property Manager Integration

Seamlessly Integrate and Effortlessly Automate

Zeevou partners with a diverse range of collaborators, helping you automate everything in your hospitality business, including adjusting prices, managing your website, handling communications, and running operations smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I charged extra by Zeevou for each booking that comes in?

No, not a single penny!

What types of data do Zeevou’s financial reports include?

Zeevou offers financial reports – from reports on invoices to payments, and refunds. We also provide built-in analyses of sales, occupancy levels, and bookings. Users can not only record their income but also their expenses. These reports allow our Partner Hosts to have a full overview of the performance of their business at various levels.

Does Zeevou have a solution for managing multiple properties?

Yes, Zeevou’s multi-location management system enables you to manage all your properties from one single login – even though they are located across several countries. Also, we have developed two multi-unit calendars – one for bookings, and one to display rates and availability. Besides generating a Bookings Calendar for all your properties, Zeevou generates a calendar for each city where you run your units.

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