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Vacation rental managers are getting increasingly fed up with paying a huge cut of their revenue in commissions. There is thus an ever-increasing movement towards taking more direct bookings and making the channels work for you rather than the other way around! 

A number of Property Management Systems and Channel Managers offer direct booking websites. However, these usually come with a number of issues. In some cases, there could be a charge per booking for direct bookings, which disincentivises hosts from working hard to get the bookings to flow through their website in the first place. Moreover, most booking engine providers do not allow you to fully track your traffic through tools such as Google Tag Manager, which is essential if you want to spend money on Google Ads or Facebook Ads

In such cases, you need to be able to fully track your ROI so as to decide which keywords to allocate your budget to! Furthermore, in most cases, websites provided by hospitality software providers do not allow you to add custom pages or to blog through the system, which means you have to end up getting a separate website set up and link it up with the booking engine provided by the PMS.

How Can Zeevou's Direct Booking Website Help?

Zeevou offers free direct booking websites to all the partners of the Zeevou global community. Not only do you get a built-in booking engine that allows guests to place an instant reservation, but there’s a whole other bunch of goodies waiting for you.

The website will be automatically populated with information on your properties, unit types, and units, as entered in the PMS. Descriptions, images, amenities, and reviews will all be displayed to provide your guests with all the information they need at the point of booking and to maximise your chances of converting lookers into bookers.

While Zeevou generates a page for every country, city, and property that you enter in the system, that is not all we do for you. Upon signing up, we will also provide you with a sample refund policy and privacy policy page that you can review and finalise to ensure it meets all the legal requirements in your area (we cannot assume any liability for you using these samples). Moreover, you are at liberty to add as many custom pages as you like.

All pages within Zeevou have all the tools built-in that you require to make sure your site is as SEO-friendly as possible. We allow you to set a meta title, meta descriptions, keywords, as well as OpenGraph Tags for social media sharing (both Facebook and Twitter tags). We also produce a full sitemap of the entire website, which you can submit through the Google Search Console to optimise your ranking.

Besides integrating with Google Analytics, Zeevou also allows you to ensure your website is kept up to date with fresh content on your local area through the built-in blogging functionality. This removes the need for you to have a separate WordPress or Wix website in addition to your booking engine. And if you run your properties under multiple brands, we’ve got you covered! Zeevou will generate a website for each brand that you set up in the system, and you can also cross-sell properties between brands.

However, do not worry! Should you already have invested time and/or money in setting up your own WordPress website to channel direct bookings, you can make use of our WordPress plugin to redirect your guests to the search results page of our booking engine without them even realising that they have left your site! Furthermore, our team at Zeevou has developed an iFrame which allows you to embed the search widget on your Wix homepage or any other third-party website that you may already have set up.

Just as some icing for the cake, we also allow you to add a custom script in case you wish to include a live chat option such as Hubspot’s or Tawk.to’s free live chat widgets. And finally, by entering your WhatsApp number in Zeevou, we will automatically show a WhatsApp chat button on your website, so that your guests can contact you with any enquiries they may have before or after placing a booking. Ensuring you have the tools you need to provide your guests with an outstanding guest experience is one of our top priorities!

To help you get even more direct bookings, you can also advertise all your properties for free (no set-up costs, no annual costs, no commissions – free!) on Zeevou Direct when you sign up to Zeevou.

All the team members in Zeevou have one similar goal which is showing you the Direct Booking Revolution! Therefore, you can easily trust our features and enjoy seeing your company’s growth!

Here are examples of some direct booking websites generated by Zeevou

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