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Have complete control over your bookings and manage housekeeping tasks efficiently with Zeevou’s Mobile App.

Mobile App

Track Your Bookings and
Create Reservations on the Go

Track Your Bookings and Create Reservations on the Go

Zeevou’s Host App enables you to manage bookings, create new reservations, modify booking statuses, and apply specific actions for each booking without having to access the system on your PC. This feature will be added to the next version of our Mobile App.

Get a Comprehensive Overview
of Your Bookings

Get a Comprehensive Overview of Your Bookings

Using our native mobile app, you can access your Occupancy Calendar in the comfort of your mobile device and quickly view your reservations and block dates from one place.

Enhance Your Cleaning Management

Your housekeepers can easily access their cleaning calendar, create tasks manually, report any issues, and upload photos and videos of the property directly through Zeevou’s advanced Housekeeping App.

Have All Your Messages Unified
in One Inbox

Zeevou’s Host App is equipped with a user-friendly unified inbox, through which you can have all your messages centralised, eliminating the need for switching between multiple devices.

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One App, One Solution

This is an all-in-one app through which both the Host and Housekeeping Apps are accessible, making it unnecessary to install multiple applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zeevou’s mobile app is in progress and is going to be more complete soon. The first section we have released is a mobile app for housekeepers. This app enables streamlining communication between you, as the manager, and your housekeepers. The next phase that is going to be completed and released soon is related to maintenance staff. After that, we’re going to work on a Host Mobile App. Ultimately, an Investor Mobile App in addition to the real-time owner reporting portal will be developed and released.

No, there is one app for all users with different access.

You can use Google Play and App Store to download Zeevou Mobile App. 

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Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox

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