How to Build a Good Property Page on Your Website?

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Your direct booking website lets you connect with your potential guests and capture their attention to receive more commission-free bookings. As a result, it’s essential to know how to build a good property page and what sections to include there. Placing the right information and sections on your property page can boost your conversion rate. Here are the core elements of a good property page on your website. 

What Sections Should a Good Property Page Include?

High-Quality Images

Visual communication is very effective and can grab your audience’s attention in a matter of seconds. High-resolution, stunning photos from different angles of your property can also improve your guest’s comprehension of text descriptions. In addition, including photos from various spaces of your rental will avoid surprises when renters arrive. Keep in mind that your images should be optimised for your vacation rental website. 

Videos or photos of surrounding areas are equally important. Highlighting local facilities and attractions can excite potential guests looking for entertainment hubs, parks, or other places of interest. 


It’s necessary to specify the exact location of your property on your website. This feature not only enables your potential customers to find your property more easily, but it will also help them assess the neighbourhood facilities, access, transport hubs, and nearby attractions. 

Make sure the map can be appropriately zoomed in, so the users can make a sense of the place and surrounding areas. 

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Providing a special section allocated to reviews will add social proof and build trust. This section represents the viewpoints of your guests about the quality of your services based on their real experiences. Guests’ feedback can help potential audiences decide whether you are a trusted brand. Indeed, visitors more than often check out reviews before booking your accommodation. 

Moreover, reviews can boost your website ranking on Google and ultimately improve your exposure and conversion rates. You can use a review aggregator such as Revyoos to gather all your reviews from various distribution channels and display them on your direct booking website. 

Description of Your Properties

You should describe your property and provide essential information such as location, type and size of the property, number of bedrooms (and beds), rate, and security deposits.  Although you can highlight your unique features, bear in mind that you should be honest and never exaggerate. Make sure your description is SEO friendly. 

You can give a short description of your property for those who want to find the key information and also provide a full description for those who need more details. For example, you can explain local facilities and tourist attractions near the accommodation and specify how far they are from your property. 

Your Amenities

Displaying amenities on your website not only makes your property stand out from the crowd but also avoids repetitive questions and save your time. 

If there are any fees associated with your amenities, they should be stated clearly, as well. 


An availability calendar is an essential section of your property page. Using a channel manager will help you keep your bookings and calendars updated and synced across all  listing sites and your website. This feature allows your guests to access real-time data on current reservations and safeguards you against double bookings. 

If you have specific length-of-stay requirements, make sure the calendar manages them in a user-friendly manner.

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Live Chat

In this era, clients – and prospective guests – want immediate responses to their questions. Live chat is a great solution to address this need. Guests and potential bookers can resolve their doubts and receive real-time answers using the live chat capability of your website. In other words, this feature helps you communicate instantly with your potential guests and improve your customer support by understanding their needs. 

By installing a live chat widget on your direct booking website, you can engage easily with your potential guests and boost your conversion rate. 

Your Social Media Icons and Contact Form 

Connect with your guests by placing social media icons on it. Putting social media CTAs – Call to Action – such as Instagram and Facebook on your website can capture the attention of your visitors and motivate them to like, follow or share your content. 

Besides that, you can communicate with your potential guests through a contact form that conveniently allows visitors to leave their enquiries and messages. This feature can connect your potential guests to your website and services.  

Do You Want to Build a Good Property Page on Your Website?

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