What Are the Best Multiple Location Property Management Software?

Multiple Location Property Management Software

Do Not Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!

One of the main advantages of a vacation rental management business over running a hotel is that as a vacation rental manager or a serviced apartment (SA) operator, you are not obliged to invest all your money in one single place. For example, instead of offering a hotel by the sea where few tourists travel to in the cold days of winter, you can think of other alternatives. However, before we go any further, sooner or later, you will need some functional multiple location property management software.

You might prefer to invest in some properties distributed in different regions of a country or worldwide, taking into careful consideration the location and demand. Distributing your resources in different places reduces the risk of investment, following the famous advice of Do Not Put All Your Eggs in One Basket. However, sometimes increasing the baskets makes property management more difficult, incurring management-related costs because of the increased number of staff members in different locations. To fully manage all the tasks associated with a vacation rental or serviced apartment business in more than one place, a Multiple Location Property Management System is undoubtedly an ultimate source of relief for you. 

How Does a Multiple Location Property Management Software Help?

A multiple location property management software could be of help in stimulating an efficient management of your vacation rental business in one or more of the ways listed below:

1. Single Sign-In

If you manage vacation rentals or operate serviced apartments in three different countries, you need three different accounts if your PMS does not provide you with multiple location property management options. While using a PMS (Property Management System) armed with multiple location property management capability, you do not need to purchase subscriptions for different accounts. Consequently, it saves you the expenses of paying for different accounts per each country. This also removes the time you have to spend on switching between multiple accounts.

2. Calendar Syncing

It would make your management hassles much less if you could check the overall condition of all your properties with one single glance at one unified system. A Multiple Location Property Management Software gathers all the information related to every single property you have in a coherent, uniform occupancy and rates and availability calendar.

3. Staff Management

Paying for a Multiple Location Property Management Software causes substantial reduction of all the costs related to staff management. You can assign the tasks of different properties to your staff in the most efficient way. Instead of checking the staff availability and tasks related to three different properties in three different accounts for example, you could take advantage of checking all those in one place, thus optimising task management. You can arrange all your staff to provide services for your guests, owners, and vendors of different properties in different locations. It reduces your overhead expenses regarding your experiments in the vacation rental business.

4. Multi-Currency

Property management systems which include a Multiple Location Property Management structure must be able to do the payments for different currencies if the Country Level category is included in their set-up. Having multiple location properties at the Country Level enables you to manage your properties in different countries in one platform, getting the revenue management analytics of your entire business in one hub, and in the currency of your preference.

5. Hierarchical Structure

A PMS that includes a hierarchical structure in organising properties is gold. Ideally, a hierarchical structure must allow you to specify the name of the countries where your properties are located. It should include the cities within each country, as well as areas within each city. Then, you are able to add your properties within areas. You might have identical units in a property, so being able to set unit types is an advantage. It will be also helpful to set the rates by grouping them together, corresponding one unit type to all of them. Apart from unit types, you must be able to upload images of the units inside your properties and some other necessary information such as WiFi details or check-in instructions.

Which PMSes Provide Multiple Location Property Management?

With a multi-location property management system, you are given one account and one central login to manage your vacation rentals, serviced apartments, hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs, or aparthotels distributed across different locations. Unfortunately for vacation rental managers, there are not many options available except some hotel management software systems like Innroad. That is exactly the reason for Zeevou to believe in its excellence and uniqueness. Zeevou’s multi-location PMS saves you a lot of time as it enables you to manage all your properties spread across the world from one single login. To learn more about this sought-after feature, go ahead and request a Free Demo.

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