Zeevou Book

Zeevou Book allows you to place a booking for guests who may wish to book with you in person, over the phone, via e-mail, or through a channel that does not integrate with Zeevou.

All Bookings

A report of all the bookings made across your property portfolio.

Unallocated Bookings

These are active bookings associated with a certain property or unit type and which, for whatever reason, have not yet been linked to a specific unit. This feature is useful in an overbooking situation, or if you are moving bookings around. Unallocated bookings count towards overall availability, as it is assumed that these bookings will still need to be finalised at some point.

Scheduled for Cancellation

Bookings scheduled for cancellation do not count towards overall availability – i.e., once you mark a booking as scheduled for cancellation, your dates for those nights are instantly freed up again so that you can resell the nights. However, you may still need to inform the guest of the cancellation or ensure it is updated on an OTA. This feature allows you to keep track of such bookings until they have been fully cancelled.


Creating and Modifying Bookings

You can create a booking for an existing guest, generate a guest profile directly from the booking screen, specify arrival and departure times or just a start time and a length of stay. Zeevou Book allows you to keep track of the number of adults and children on the booking as well as details of the booking channel, and easily override your default total pricing if necessary. You can also extend a booking, making use of an existing security deposit if it has been pre-authorised by Zeevou, or split a booking across multiple units should you need to move a guest half-way through their stay. In addition, we have developed a capability that will allow you to simply and easily import bulk bookings from another PMS or channel manager, using a CSV/Excel spreadsheet.

Zeevou's 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process

Zeevou engages in a 5-step confirmation process for every booking made across your property portfolio. An email is automatically sent out by the system at the time of booking, initiating the process as follows:

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