Zeevou Huts

Zeevou offers an advanced hierarchical organisation of units based on geographical location for multi-site hospitality businesses. This systematisation allows for development of features that mirror real-life processes and increase the level of automation that we can provide to our customers.


Specify a country, region or locality for each property, and add images to be used on the direct booking site.


Properties can be assigned to multiple cities in any given country, with associated images.


Properties can be assigned to several different areas in a given city, with associated images.


Each area can contain several properties. A property is a representation of a physical location in the real world. It corresponds to a property on Booking.com. This could be a single house, a block of apartments, a camp of tents, a guesthouse, a hotel, etc. Properties may incorporate more than one building. Admins can assign office staff, check-in staff and housekeeping staff to individual properties. Staff have access to certain levels of data from that property and can be assigned tasks (in some cases automatically, in others manually) associated with the property or its bookings.

Admins specify the types of check-in available for each property, prioritise them, and decide which ones to make available to guests. Default check-in types include Meet & Greet, Key Safe, Code Entry, Key Collection, Keynest, and Concierge. Other check-in types can be added as necessary. You may also add details of how to find the property, check-in instructions, check-in highlighted points, check-out instructions, and a house manual. These can all be pulled in email templates or SMS communications set up to be sent to guests by Zeevou. Zeevou Huts moreover allows you to keep notes of entrance codes, check-in and check-out times, amenities, details of the type of the property and parking, WiFi details and maintenance.


Admins can specify an address, add images as well as an entrance code for each property. A building will always have one or several floors.


Each floor within a building can have images associated with it, as well as an entrance code and details of the level or location (e.g. the Basement would be -1, the Ground Floor would be 0, the First Floor would be 1, etc.). Individual units are located within floors.

Property Units

A unit is the core building block of the property management structure in Zeevou. It is the smallest entity which can be rented out on its own – though this could be a whole villa, a single apartment, or a room with a private or shared bathroom. A unit corresponds to a listing on websites like Airbnb. Each unit can only hold one booking for any given night. Units with similar features which are rented out for the same rate can be grouped together in unit types.

Units can have additional information assigned to them, or can be used to supplement or override information assigned to higher level groupings. For example, if each apartment within a block of flats has its own internet connection, you can add the WiFi details for each apartment separately. You can also keep note of the key safe code or keypad lock code, as well as how many parking spots are available for each unit and the number of the designated spot(s).

Property Unit Types

Unit Types are useful if you are renting out more than one unit in the same property. Grouping units in this manner and advertising by type rather than individual unit allows you to move bookings around easily and maximise your occupancy. In this way, you can consolidate bookings, make space for longer bookings and ensure the efficient use of each unit.

The Unit Type level requests admins to enter key data such as room numbers and bed configuration, which will be used by Zeevou in order to automate processes and advertise properties. For example, details of the average housekeeping time are used in the automatic allocation of housekeeping tasks, while the number of rooms is used both in advertising the unit and to ensure housekeepers take photos of each room every time they clean. Details of cleaning costs, linen and disposable costs are taken into account in end-of-month income and expenses statements. The Unit Type level also allows admins to specify a security deposit for automatic pre-authorisation, if guests have not already done this through a potential booking agent.

A special feature developed for multi-unit operators is the Bulk Unit Addition, which allows an admin to add and name multiple units in one go, without having to manually add each unit separately.




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