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Our manual rate-setting module allows you to set rates for anything from one to all units within a city for a given date range. You can have rate plans in multiple currencies running in parallel, and easily modify prices as well as minimum night or maximum length of stay restrictions for various days of the week. Once you save your rates, they will be published on all the channels you are connected to, as well as on your own website. In addition, you can make use of a promotional tool within Zeevou to allow guests to enter a voucher code and access exclusive discounts (which you can advertise on your site). This allows you to bypass any rate parity restrictions that may be imposed by Online Travel Agents.

Blocked Dates

The blocked dates feature allows you to freeze bookings for anything from a specific unit to an entire property, specifying a reason for the freeze. Besides options like ‘Blocked at Investor’s Request’ or ‘Blocked for Maintenance’ (alongside a description of the work scheduled), the team at Zeevou is designing an additional ‘Maintenance Buffer’. This will allow guests who book directly through the host’s website to leave their details, and be informed as soon as it is known for certain when the maintenance work will be completed by. Meanwhile, the buffered period will show up as blocked on OTAs.

Rates & Availability Calendar

The R&A calendar displays the rates for all your properties in one unified view, and flags any restrictions which may have been set. It also provides an overview of the number of units available or sold for each unit type, on each night.

Zeevou enables you to increase your profit margins by upselling add-ons to guests, either as part of a package or as extras. Add-ons are a powerful feature that can be used to sell early check-ins, late check-outs, airport shuttles, meals, parking, and much more.


A package is a combination of a rate with an add-on. This feature can be used to sell a unit on a bed & breakfast plan, for example.


Zeevou provides a versatile Promotions feature. Promotions can be set on room nights, add-ons or packages. These can be based on the amount of items, occupancy level, number of days before arrival, number of previous stays, the total historical spend by a guest, as well as the number of sleepers. Promotions can be offered as a fixed amount or a percentage of an item or a booking total, or a combination of these.

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