If you wish to connect your application with Zeevou, you can use Zeevou Open API. By filling out the form below, Zeevou will automatically create a host account plus an “Authorization Code” oAuth 2 App in our sandbox environment. We’ll email you the credentials in a few minutes.Using these credentials, you can start developing and testing your application. When you are done, you can inform us and we’ll certify your integration. When that is done, we’ll create an oAuth 2 Application on our production server for you, and using that, you can switch and go live.

Please feel free to ask your questions by contacting [email protected].

Please note that when using the “Authorization Code” oAuth app, you need to provide a callback URL. If you wish to create an integration for a single user, you will need a “Client Credential” oAuth application. Please inform us to manually create such oAuth application for you. In either case, please fill out the form to automate most of the process.

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