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Zeevou for Booking Management 

Streamline reservation processes, from confirmation to payment, while minimising errors and ensuring a seamless experience for guests and property managers.

Boost Bookings and Revenue with Zeevou's Powerful Features

5-Step Booking Confirmation

Zeevou’s 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process streamlines the processing of all bookings regardless of source and ensures that any unmet conditions are fulfilled before check-in can occur.

Booking Confirmation Process - Zeevou
Guest CRM - Zeevou

Guest CRM

Zeevou has a highly flexible guest CRM built-in. A guest profile can be easily created, without the need for a guest booking in the system. Any bookings made by that guest are associated with and displayed under that guest profile. If a booking is pulled in from any OTA like Airbnb or Booking.com and the guest updates their details or email address in Zeevou, their booking will automatically be associated with their existing guest profile.

Automated Messaging

Elevate guest satisfaction with our precise guest communication. Delivering the right information at the right moment enhances their experience and sets you apart. Our solution empowers you to tailor messages, ensuring guests receive timely and relevant details. Create memorable stays and foster strong guest relationships through effective and personalized communication.

Automated Messages - Zeevou
E-Signature Rental Agreement - Zeevou

E-signature Rental Agreement

Hosts can write their customised content for the e-signature rental agreement. They can put dynamic variables such as guest name, check-in/out dates, and other booking and property details. A PDF file of the document will be sent once the guest signs the agreement.

“Just got through the new booking confirmation process and I’ve got to say what an incredible upgrade to the guest experience, Hats off to Zeevou, this made me very happy.”

Maarten Mocking, Vacation Rental Host

Maarten Mocking - Zeevou Customer Review
Zeevou For booking integration

Integrated Solutions for Effortless Automation

Zeevou partners with a wide variety of platforms to streamline your booking process, from confirmation to payment, and from customising terms and conditions to ensuring exceptional guest communication.

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Get access to real-time training and increase your turnover by maximising bookings.



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Scale your business to world-class standards with ultimate automation tools and minimise human error.



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Get premium and personalised support and optimise your business profits through advanced solutions.

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