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Excel in channel management by using Zeevou’s centralised platform for efficiently handling property listings across various booking channels.

Effortless Channel Management with Zeevou's Powerful Features

Channel Manager

Zeevou’s Channel Manager offers unparalleled reach and efficiency with its cutting-edge, two-way API integrations, connecting you to over 200 channels. Instantly share rates and availability across platforms, eliminating the risk of overbooking. A Customise pricing effortlessly with channel markups, tailoring rates on each platform. Master your bookings with Zeevou’s Multi-Unit Calendars, offering a clear view of property bookings across all connected channels.

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Rate Rules

Zeevou’s Rate Rules feature allows you to specify one-off or recurring periods over a year, akin to seasons, for which you wish specific changes to apply to. This can be further customised to apply to certain days of the week. Moreover, conditions can be set depending on the lead time, such as wishing to set minimum stay restrictions for advance bookings or applying a last-minute discount.

Rates & Availability Calendar

No need to log into each channel to set rates or update availability and restrictions. Increase your business profitability by adjusting rates and modifying restrictions right away from the Rates & Availability Calendar.

Rates & Availibilities Calendar - Use Case - Zeevou

“We used Zeevou for about 3 years and it is a very good PMS. Channel mapping is very convenient and easy to create listings. The Support Team is very helpful at all times.”

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Seamless Integration Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

Zeevou collaborates with a diverse range of partners to automate channel management, from synchronising rates and availability to automating your pricing strategy.

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Get access to real-time training and increase your turnover by maximising bookings.



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Scale your business to world-class standards with ultimate automation tools and minimise human error.



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Get premium and personalised support and optimise your business profits through advanced solutions.

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