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Zeevou for Communication Management

Zeevou facilitates communication by providing tools and features that streamline messaging and collaboration processes.

Experience Enhanced Communication with Zeevou Features

Automated Messaging

Zeevou’s Automated Messaging feature simplifies
guest communication by offering customisable templates for auto-messages sent via Email, SMS, or API in multiple languages. Users can easily set trigger rules and conditions.

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Unified Inbox - Use Case - Zeevou

Unified Inbox

Streamline all your communications effortlessly with
Zeevou’s Unified Inbox, where you can manage messages from guests, staff, and third-party contacts all in one convenient location.

Mobile App

With Zeevou’s Mobile App, manage your bookings and
housekeeping tasks efficiently from anywhere. Track bookings, create reservations, and update statuses on the go. Gain a comprehensive overview of your bookings with the Occupancy Calendar, conveniently accessible on your mobile device.

Mobile App - Use Case - Zeevou

“I believe that by linking it to posts on my website and using a channel manager to coordinate, the management process becomes much simpler.”

Julie Brazier

Julie - Zeevou customer review
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Integrated Solutions for Effortless Automation

Zeevou integrates with a wide variety of partners to enable you to automate every aspect of your hospitality business from pricing, to guest vetting, to communications and accounting.

Plans & Pricing


Here, we offer you a brief overview of our pricing plans designed to fit your needs. For a comprehensive view, explore our dedicated Pricing Page and discover the perfect plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations.




Join the supportive community of like-minded hosts seeking to optimise their hospitality businesses.



from £24 /unit/mo

Get access to real-time training and increase your turnover by maximising bookings.



from £38 /unit/mo

Scale your business to world-class standards with ultimate automation tools and minimise human error.



from £69 /unit/mo

Get premium and personalised support and optimise your business profits through advanced solutions.

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