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Our OpenAPI is now available to extend our ever-growing list of valuable new integrations that our Partner Hosts might need to enhance the efficiency of their businesses. Now you can connect your Zeevou account with any software you need and share data effortlessly through our OpenAPI (Application Programming Interface). Our OpenAPI is available for developers, software providers, and clients who want to build an integration with us, interact with our system, promote their businesses, and deliver a higher level of automation.
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Integration Features

Connect to other software of choice
Achieve a higher level of automation
Reach out to Zeevou and integrate with us

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What is OpenAPI?

OpenAPI is a universally accepted standard to describe a modern API. OpenAPI, which is also known as public API, is a public  “Application Programme Interface” or which is used by developers for free to have access to some internal functions of software applications and web services. APIs help applications interact with one another and share data.

What is OpenAPI used for?

OpenAPI has great benefits for both customers and developers. So, using OpenAPI in different businesses can boost their efficiency and save staff time, energy and money by bringing about a higher level of automation. You can find below the benefits of using OpenAPI in your short-term rental business:

  • Using OpenAPI saves developers’ time and reduces the cost of coding since the need to hire frontend and backend developers reduces significantly.  
  • With OpenAPI, coding errors will be minimised. 
  • OpenAPI can act as a database that reduces the cost of operations and advertisement for businesses. 
  • By using OpenAPI in property management processes, you can analyse and guarantee quality because OpenAPI allows you to test the system’s API and make sure everything is working properly.
What are OpenAPI standards?

OpenAPI has a feature – OpenAPI Specification or OAS – that allows both users and machines to understand what a service is offering and what its capabilitIes are. This way, they do not need to have access to source codes or any other documentation which makes the process more time-consuming and difficult. You can learn more about it through OpenAPI documentation.

What is an OpenAPI file?

This is a JSON file that you can download from OpenAPI documentation.

How does Zeevou's OpenAPI work?

Zeevou’s documentation and APIs are based on OpenAPI. You can sign up as an integration partner and use OpenAPI to connect your software or app to Zeevou.

How does Zeevou's OpenAPI help?

OpenAPI is the standard, so any API that uses OpenAPI follows the best practices and benefits from it.

What are the benefits of using OpenAPI through Zeevou?

Zeevou’s OpenAPI allows you to build custom integrations to Zeevou. Whether you are a Zeevou Patron who wants to extract certain data as a one-off, or on a continuous basis, or run another software company and want to help automate processes for your clients, Zeevou’s OpenAPI allows you to do so.
As a Zeevou Patron, you could use the OpenAPI in various scenarios. For example, if you wish to pull certain booking details to run customised analysis, you can hook up to our API with just a few clicks. While you could extract certain information directly through our export functionalities in Zeevou, this would allow you to run a more customised query. Moreover, if it is something that you wish to do on an ongoing basis, then this integration would help you save a lot of time and hassle. Another use case would be that of wanting to build a custom direct booking website for your STR or vacation rental, and use Zeevou’s features in the backend. You could easily pull all the details of your listings and allow guests to book their stay, as well as upsell extra products and services through your very own website.
As an Integration Partner, you can also access pretty much any part of Zeevou’s functionalities via our OpenAPI. Whether you wish to pull bookings, tasks, or guest details, our OpenAPI provides full and detailed access. Should there be any fields that you need for your integration that are not yet available, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to add them in. Our OpenAPI has been built based on modern RESTful technology to enable for the best response times and stability of connection.

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