Zeevou Rolls out Its Roadmap

Zeevou's Roadmap is rolled out!

Zeevou has published its strategic and development plan in the form of a roadmap. The public announcement is an endeavour in the path toward more transparency. In addition, Zeevou’s roadmap is intended to clearly show our goals and desired outcomes to the short term let industry, Zeevou’s Partner Hosts and our potential clients. 

Zeevou’s Roadmap provides all parties involved with a detailed overview of our many milestones and our dream of offering a comprehensive all-in-one solution for the hospitality industry and The Direct Booking Revolution! Zeevou is committed to automating all aspects of the vacation rental and serviced apartment industries, and as such all efforts are made to help small- and medium-sized businesses claim more efficiency and growth.  We believe in transparent relationships with our customers, as well as with all members of the short term rental industry. This is why Zeevou has publicly announced its roadmap to show what we are and will be working on. 

Zeevou is being developed and constantly optimised by a group of dedicated professionals who follow the Scrum framework methodology. We convey what we are working on during three weeks intervals which are called sprints. “In Progress”, “Next”, and “Soon” are the three columns of the roadmap which imply currently under development, 1-3 sprints from now, and 4-12 sprints away.  

Who Defines the Milestones of Zeevou?

Zeevou holds a Partner Host Forum every three weeks. In that Forum, Partner Hosts that have signed up to Zeevou’s Patron Plan, gather together in a friendly atmosphere to discuss Zeevou’s many features and functionalities and give feedback about their experiences with the system in the presence of Zeevou’s Chief Revolutionary and other team members. They also consult together and provide their input on the priorities about the development of the features they need the most for the upcoming sprints. Additionally, as Zeevou is run by serviced apartment operators directly involved in day-to-day operations, extra milestones are included in Zeevou’s roadmap for optimal results. 

Anyone interested is most welcome to participate in our Partner Host Forum. Drop us a line to make suggestions and play a part in The Direct Booking Revolution! Check out Zeevou’s roadmap below:

Zeevou’s Roadmap

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