3-D Secure Links

Protect yourself against fraud and chargebacks using Zeevou’s unique 3-D Secure Links feature.
3-D Secure Links

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While all property management companies, hoteliers and hosts seek to maximise their profit levels by selling through multiple channels, not all channels offer payment security. An example of this is Booking.com (unless you are on payment by Booking.com), and bookings taken directly by email, over the phone, or through your own website.

Taking remote credit card payments can leave you open to fraud and chargebacks. At the same time, it is not practical to always collect payments and security deposits by bank transfer, or to meet the guest on arrival to collect cash or authorise a debit card using a chip and pin machine. While these are all safer ways of collecting payments, they can take up a lot of resources timewise, and in some cases will hamper cash-flow and increase the chance of losing out on no-shows.

How Can Zeevou's 3-D Secure Links Help?

The safest way of taking card payments remotely is by using 3-D Secure Links. 3-D Secure is an additional layer of checks that are completed by payment gateways when checking cards, and helps prevent unauthorised card use. In most cases, for participating cards, the owner of the card will be prompted to enter a password that they have agreed with their card issuer, or may be asked to complete additional verification by means of a code sent by a text message or other device provided by their bank.

Ensuring that guest payments pass 3-D Secure checks vastly reduces the risk of getting a chargeback, as the person paying has had to identify themselves as being the cardholder. Therefore, instead of charging the card details that Booking.com sends through to Zeevou, our industry-leading automated booking process prompts guests to pay through a 3-D Secure form. At the same time, guests are able to download an invoice for their stay at the point of payment. Zeevou also allows you to create a Partial Payment Link to collect money for part of a stay or collect payment from several parties for the same booking. 

What’s more, Zeevou’s unique security deposit handling feature also makes use of cards that have passed 3-D Secure checks to pre-authorise or charge guest’s security deposits. By using 3-D Secure Links for Payments and Security Deposits you can charge guests ahead of their stay in a safe manner and increase your certainty that your hard-earned cash will not be stolen.

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