Increase your profit margins by selling additional products and services using our add-ons feature. Whether you have always wanted to upsell a local tour or a restaurant voucher to your guests, now you can, and we will help you automate the payments and the bookkeeping!

We understand your challenges...

Profit margins for hospitality companies can, at times, be fairly tight. One of the easiest ways of improving one’s bottom line is by upselling additional products and services. However, in most cases systems either lack the feature altogether, or do not allow you to sell packages through your website.

For those that are lucky in having such a solution, it can often be challenging to keep track of the income from these add-ons, and especially to track any expenses associated with them. It is thus nigh on impossible to work out the profit margin from each upsell, and subsequently to include these in monthly profit calculations. As such, most hosts give up on the idea of using add-ons due to the lack of suitable tools at their disposal.

How can Zeevou's Add-ons Help?

Zeevou allows you to not only automate the selling of your room nights, but also to sell add-ons on guests booking through your direct booking website. Moreover, you can also associate add-ons to bookings that you receive through one of the 200+ OTAs that Zeevou’s Channel Manager integrates with. In either case, Zeevou allows you to automate the collection of payments through 3-D Secure Links.

Add-ons can be associated with specific properties, and we provide a number of options around how they should be calculated in order to meet your real-life requirements. Besides having a sales price, each add-on can also be associated with a purchase cost. This allows Zeevou to work out the profit margin that you make from the sale of each add-on. What’s more, hosts can specify whether a proportion of that profit should go to the owner of the property, and, if so, how much. Add-ons can also be set to require approval from the host, and to only be bookable a certain amount in advance of the arrival date.

Moreover, the selling of add-ons does not simply constitute a side-feature in Zeevou. We enable you to specify early check-in/check-out fees, as well as late check-out fees at a brand level, and to override these at the property level. As part of our 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process, we collect the guest’s estimated time of arrival. Built-in to this part of the system, is the upselling of early and late check-ins. Guests are informed of any applicable fees associated with their chosen check-in time, and are able to pay for it as part of subsequent steps.

The add-ons solution developed by Zeevou offers an end-to-end solution for selling additional products and services and seeing the extra profit that hosts and investors make from these sales on a monthly basis.

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