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Zeevou’s Booking Engine can easily be integrated with third-party websites to ensure potential guests have a smooth search experience and to drive up your conversions.

We understand your challenges...

Bookings received through listing sites and OTAs come at a great cost – the commission charged. Commissions can be as high as 20%, which usually equates to around 50% of a vacation rental manager’s earnings. Reducing the amount paid out in commissions is one of the main aims of any short term rental business owner, however most lack the tools to be able to do this.

Even where serviced apartment providers have set up a website to take direct bookings, these frequently do not have live rates and availability and are based off an enquiry basis. Guests on the other hand are used to instant booking sites and expect the same experience off host’s own websites.

Furthermore, many software providers that provide live rates and availability by means of a booking engine, seem to lack some basic features. Some booking engines have a design that seems to be stuck in the last century. Others are not able to handle multi-unit properties. Most do not have the ability to allow a guest to search centrally across properties of a holiday home host that may have properties across more than one city. And it seems impossible to find a provider that allows proper tracking through Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager!

How can Zeevou's Booking Engine Help?

At Zeevou, we understand the importance of direct bookings, and our stated aim is that of bringing about The Direct Booking Revolution! As such, we are committed to building the tools that will allow hospitality owners of all sizes significantly increase the proportion of their bookings that they obtain without the necessity of a paid-for intermediary. Our booking engine is a testament to this commitment.

The booking engine pulls live rates and availability, either those entered manually, or sent to us through one of our dynamic-pricing integration partners. For those hosts who operate internationally, our booking engine even supports multi-currency set-ups! Zeevou Partners are able to set up add-ons in order to sell additional products or services, and package these up as part of rate plans. Hosts can choose to push a rate plan just to the booking engine, so as to provide exclusive deals compared to their offering on OTAs. Similarly, Zeevou allows you to set up promotions, and associate voucher codes with these to be used through the completely free booking engine.

You can integrate our direct booking engine with Google Analytics in order to track traffic and demographics. This can assist in better understanding the avatar of your potential customer base. Moreover, our integration with the Google Tag Manager allows hosts using the Zeevou booking engine to track the flow through the website and the bookings that they receive. This is particularly useful when trying to work out your return on investment for PPC Google Ad campaigns.

To place a booking, all a guest has to do is add their First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Should you wish, you can also request them to submit their phone number to be able to place a booking. Minimising the information requested from the guest while placing a reservation ensures that you can capture the data of as many potential guests as possible. While the guest gets the feeling of having booked without any hassle, Zeevou Book’s 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process then kicks in. This takes care of GDPR-compliant marketing consent collection, payment, security deposits, and ID verification.

For those that do not wish to make use of the free and complete direct booking website offered by Zeevou, our booking engine can be easily integrated with third-party websites. Our Team at Zeevou have developed a WordPress Widget, as well as an iFrame that can be embedded into most websites, including those provided by Wix. This redirects guests seemlessly to the Zeevou booking engine, and allows guests to place a booking with just a few clicks.

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