Boost your website’s organic ranking in search results with Zeevou’s built-in blogging functionality.

We understand your challenges...

Many PMS-es provide property management companies with a booking engine for direct bookings. Even in the most advanced cases, when various templates are offered in terms of the design that a host wants to choose, the functionality of the booking engine is extremely limited.

In nearly all cases this means that it is not possible to add custom pages, or to run a blog off the Channel Manager or Booking Engine provider. As a result, vacation rental managers are forced to get a separate website, such as WordPress or Wix, so as to be able to run a blog. Besides the hassle of having multiple systems, setting up and maintaining such a site adds to the administrative hassle, and adding new properties to your own systems ends up taking twice as long as it should.

How can Zeevou's Blog Help?

Zeevou’s automatically generated direct booking websites do a lot more than just provide a booking engine through which guests can book. In fact, we offer a complete solution to help you boost your rankings on search engine results. This can help you drive more traffic to your hospitality website, and increase the conversion rate of guests visiting your site who actually proceed to book.

Besides being able to add custom pages, Zeevou also allows you to run one (or several) blogs, all from our main hub. By blogging about local attractions, you can add highly valuable content to your website. Fresh content published on a website on a regular basis is one of the factors that contributes the most to Search Engine Optimisation. With Zeevou’s Blog functionality, you can stop worrying about the technical aspects of setting up and maintaining a blog, and simply focus on producing SEO-optimised content. Should you wish to also outsource this aspect, please contact your Partner Success Manager once signed up and we can provide you with a quote for content writing and graphics to enrich your website’s blog.

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