Large scale serviced apartment operations call for enterprise-grade solutions. Zeevou is proud to offer a multi-brand functionality, so that you can run more than one brand all from a single login, generate multiple websites in a go, and easily manage several brands in parallel to each other.

We understand your challenges...

Vacation rental managers or serviced apartment operators with hundreds or thousands of units, as well as hotel chain owners, frequently need to run multiple brands. This could be due to historical developments such as M&A cases within their company, or the need to target different segments of the market separately.

In many cases, short term rental management companies may also wish to manage for third-party hospitality providers, yet do not want the hassle of having to switch between multiple PMS or Channel Manager logins. This is especially true when a company has centralised part of its operations, which is becoming an ever more popular route in efforts to cut costs and boost profits. Most hospitality systems, unfortunately, do not allow the flexibility of running several brands in parallel seamlessly.

How can Zeevou's Multi-brand Solution Help?

Zeevou’s all-in-one Property Management System, Channel Manager, Booking Engine/Website Creator, and Task Management Hub seeks to offer a truly centralised enterprise-grade solution for large scale multi-location hospitality businesses such as vacation rental managers, serviced apartment operators or hotel chain owners.

As a result, we understand the need to be able to have a single login that allows you to not only manage properties across multiple locations, cities, or internationally across multiple countries. Moreover, we fully appreciate the importance of being able to run different brands in parallel and manage them using a shared staff-base. As such, the multi-brand feature is at the core of Zeevou‘s system architecture. This solution allows hosts and property management companies to create unlimited brands for their company, specify the default brand for each property, and even cross-sell between brands as and when they please.

This feature allows you to have separate direct booking websites with a built-in booking engine and blog functionality, and to ensure the guest experience is fully branded according to the default brand. Outgoing emails will pull logos and contact information according to the correct brand, and multiple incoming email addresses can all be easily managed through our unified inbox‘s incoming mail forwarding feature.

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