Corporation CRM

Build and nurture relationships with business bookers, without losing track of their specific requirements.
Corporation CRM

We understand your challenges...

The proportion of direct bookings that a hospitality provider is able to achieve frequently depends to a large extent on their corporate business. However, building up a decent amount of corporate bookings from business guests is not a quick fix. Ensuring a steady flow of corporate guests can take years of contacting corporates and building up relationships based on trust and excellent customer service tailored to their needs.

While many serviced accommodation operators have the resources to get in touch with corporations and drive some initial bookings, most lack the tools and the technology to effectively track their spend, keep on top of their preferences and understand the relationship between different office staff and guests linked to any given corporation.

How Can Zeevou's Corporation CRM Help?

Besides a built-in Guest CRM, Zeevou has also developed a Corporation CRM. Through its highly effective 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process, Zeevou helps easily identify business bookers. This allows self-catering providers to create a profile for each business, and keep track of details relating to the business, office staff placing the bookings, and guests actually staying at their properties.

Having a central log of all the bookings and payments relating to that corporation allows hotel chain managers to efficiently nurture their relationship with their corporate customers. Zeevou also allows you to specify an account manager for each corporate added to the Corporation CRM, and add any notes regarding preferences or requirements of that business booker.

We help you market the right segment and make lookers into loyal bookers.

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