Owner CRM

Keep track not only of the details of current owners but also of the details of future ones.
Owner CRM

We understand your challenges...

As a large scale vacation rental manager or operator of dozens of serviced apartments and aparthotels, you may be interacting with a good few owners. Furhtermore, if you are running timeshares, your investors may count in the hundreds or thousands.

Keeping track of the names and contact details of each owner and ensuring that staff know which properties belong to them can become challenging as your hospitality business grows. Moreover, managing a pipeline of potential owners frequently means you have to use two systems such as Hubspot or spreadsheets simply to keep track of everyone’s details.

How Can Zeevou's Owner CRM Help?

Zeevou‘s built-in Owner CRM allows you to easily manage all the investors that you work with. You can keep track of their personal details, provide them with a log in to the Owner Portal and keep track of the financial terms of the contract you have entered into with them all from one single login.

What’s more, an owner profile need not necessarily be associated with a unit. This means you can use the Owner CRM to also manage your relationships with potential leads that you are not currently working with, without needing to resort to using a third-party application.

Be in control of your finances and automate the process of maximising profits, all with Zeevou.
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