Can a Faster Broadband Connection Increase the Value of My Airbnb?

Can a Faster Broadband Connection Increase the Value of My Airbnb- Zeevou

Can a faster broadband connection increase the value of an Airbnb? Should you publish your internet speeds as Airbnb recommends? 

These are two questions we see a lot and it’s time we had our say on it.

It’s no understatement to suggest that Airbnb has shaken up the rental market. A once static market, comfortable in its niche, has suddenly had to change and adapt. Arguably, for the benefit of renters.

Why Broadband Matters for an Airbnb

There are several reasons why broadband matters for an Airbnb, but the most important one is because your guests want it.

Broadband is now regarded as important as gas or electricity. You’ll likely find that with a younger guest, fast broadband is more desirable than nice views, driveway parking or proximity to amenities!

Our lifestyles have changed a lot. More of us work from home. More of us stream instead of watching live TV. More of us use social media to connect instead of the phone. And apparently ‘UK adults are now spending more than a quarter of their waking day online.

All these things depend on good broadband.

Delivering What the Market Wants

If your potential guests want good broadband and you want to make money from that target market, you have to deliver good broadband.

Airbnb themselves rank internet as a strong differentiator in listings. That’s why they want you to verify and list your broadband speed.

It’s a simple process and ideal for non-techies. It can also make a real difference to how popular your listing is.

We consider having fast broadband an essential ingredient for Airbnb. We also think that if you have fast broadband, you may as well advertise the fact to get more guests.

What Fast Internet Should I Get?

The type and speed of broadband to get for your Airbnb depends entirely on your target market.

If you’re going for families, you just need enough for everyone to stream Netflix, check the internet for things to see and do and that’s about it.

If you’re going for young people, digital nomads or business types, the faster the better. Working from home can be internet-intensive, so the faster the connection the better their experience.

Types of Broadband Internet Connection

There are three main types of broadband connection for Airbnb and residential properties.

FTTC – FTTC, Fibre To The Cabinet, is a connection that uses fibre optic cables within the network but connects to your Airbnb. It is often called ‘superfast broadband’ and is capable of up to around 65Mbps on average.

FTTH/P – Fibre To The Home/Property is a full-fibre connection that connects all the way to your Airbnb with fibre. It’s the latest, fastest form of broadband but isn’t available everywhere yet.

Virgin Media cable – Virgin Media has its own cable network that connects your Airbnb for the network using coaxial cable. This is capable of up to 900Mbps right now but isn’t available everywhere.

You can compare broadband deals with broadband.co.uk to find the best price and package that suits your needs.

My Airbnb Is in a Broadband Blackspot? Is There Anything I Can Do?

Broadband coverage is pretty good in the UK and is rolling out globally, but there are still areas without a fast connection.

Some of these areas are rural or coastal, which coincide with some types of Airbnb. So what are your options?

Mobile Internet

Mobile internet uses 4G and 5G networks to provide broadband access to any device. They can be fast, and good value if you get an unlimited data service. 

Many mobile broadband contracts include data caps which are difficult to manage for hosts as you have little control over how guests use the internet.

Mobile internet depends on a decent signal to provide headline speeds but is a viable option if you cannot get wired broadband. 

Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband works anywhere but is expensive to set up and use. Contracts can be expensive and often have data caps. 

Satellite broadband is also known for being high latency due to the distances involved so won’t always be ideal for video conferencing, online gaming or apps where speed is paramount.

You’ll need a satellite dish with an unrestricted view of the sky to make satellite broadband work but otherwise, the requirements are minimal.

Of the two options, we would recommend mobile internet wherever possible. It’s cheaper, often faster, lower latency and contracts are gradually including more data as networks are improved.

Satellite broadband is only worth considering in the most extreme cases where no other broadband is available.

Airbnb and Fast Broadband

The appetite for the internet is strong and getting stronger. Therefore, any Airbnb host needs to deliver some kind of broadband.

Remember, even if you cannot get fast broadband at your location, there are always alternatives. While fast broadband is the optimum, some is always better than none. 

As long as you can deliver sufficient speed for your guests so they can stream, surf and share, you should find occupancy increase!

This post is written by a guest writer.

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