Level Up Your Hosting Game with Airbnb Plus

Level-Up-Your-Hosting-Game-with-Airbnb-Plus- Zeevou

Airbnb Plus is an exclusive programme designed to help hosts elevate their properties and boost their earnings. By meeting high-quality standards and undergoing a thorough inspection process, Airbnb Plus hosts can showcase their accommodations as premium listings. This way, they can attract more guests and gain a competitive edge in the market.

What Is Airbnb Plus?

This programme is a selection of top-quality holiday homes known for their exceptional comfort, style, and hospitality. These listings are verified in person for quality and design, ensuring they meet high standards of cleanliness, amenities, and design.

What Is Airbnb Plus- Zeevou
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Is Airbnb Plus Worth It?

Deciding whether to become an Airbnb Plus host or not depends on various factors. This includes your goals as a host, the quality of your property, and your willingness to meet the programme’s strict requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of running Airbnb Plus homes:

Airbnb Plus Pros

Increased Visibility: Airbnb Plus listings are prominently featured on the platform, making them more attractive to potential guests.

Higher Earnings: Airbnb Plus homes often command higher nightly rates due to their verified quality and enhanced amenities.

Enhanced Credibility: The Airbnb Plus status signals guests that your holiday home has been thoroughly vetted, so it builds trust and encourages bookings.

Professional Photography: Airbnb provides professional photography services to ensure your listing looks its best and stands out with high-quality images.

Dedicated Support: Airbnb Plus hosts receive additional support from Airbnb, including personalised tips to improve their listings and resolve issues promptly.

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Airbnb Plus Cons

Strict Quality Standards: Your listing will undergo a comprehensive in-person inspection to ensure it meets Airbnb’s criteria for comfort, style, and amenities. This may require some investment in upgrades or improvements to your vacation rental.

Maintaining a Strong Average Rating: To qualify for Airbnb Plus, you must maintain an average rating of typically 4.8 stars or higher.

Less Control over Your Property: Airbnb may have more control over the details of your Airbnb Plus listings, such as photos and descriptions.

Inspection Process: The in-person inspection process can be time-consuming and stressful, and not all properties will pass on the first attempt.

Ongoing Maintenance: Maintaining the high standards required for Airbnb Plus homes can involve ongoing effort and expense to ensure consistent quality.

Limited Availability: Airbnb Plus is not available in all locations. So, your short-term rental might not be eligible depending on where it is situated.

Factors to Consider When Providing Airbnb Plus Listings

Current Quality and Style of Your Rental: If your property already meets high standards and has received positive reviews, it might be easier and more cost-effective to upgrade to Plus.

Market Competition: In highly competitive markets, the added visibility and credibility of Airbnb Plus listings can provide a significant advantage.

Guest Expectations: If you target guests who prioritise quality and are willing to pay for a superior experience, this programme can help attract them.

Your Time and Resources: Meeting the Airbnb Plus requirements can be time-consuming, so be sure you can commit to the ongoing effort.

Factors to Consider When Providing Airbnb Plus Listings- Zeevou
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How to Become an Airbnb Plus Host

Airbnb Plus has strict requirements to ensure that listings meet high standards of quality, comfort, and design. 

Before requesting an invite to the Plus programme, ensure your listing meets the eligibility criteria:

  • Your listing must be an entire home or a private room with a private bathroom.
  • Your listing must be located in one of the following cities: Austin, Barcelona, Cape Town, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Melbourne, Milan, Rome, San Francisco, Shanghai, Sydney, or Toronto.
  • Your listing must have an average guest rating of 4.8 stars or higher.
  • You must accept at least 95% of booking requests.
  • You must not have cancelled any reservations in the past year.

If you meet these basic requirements, you can proceed to evaluate whether your home meets the high standards of Plus.


  • Super Cleanliness: Airbnb Plus homes must be exceptionally clean and well-maintained. This includes spotless bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living areas.
  • High-Quality Amenities: Essential amenities, such as reliable Wi-Fi, premium bedding, fully equipped kitchens, and sometimes, high-end toiletries must be provided.
  • Functionality: All appliances and amenities must be in perfect working order. This includes lights, electrical outlets, kitchen appliances, and plumbing fixtures.


  • Effortless Check-In: Airbnb hosts should either set up automated check-in with a digital lock, keypad, or lockbox or offer a professional in-site check-in service. 
  • Private Bedroom: Ensure your bedrooms have a private bathroom, equipped with either a bathtub or a shower. To help guests feel entirely at home, provide privacy through curtains, blinds, or frosted glass. 
  • Storage: Airbnb hosts should supply at least clothes hangers and an empty drawer or shelf for guests to store their clothing.
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  • Thoughtful Design: Airbnb Plus listings should have a cohesive and attractive design with stylish, comfortable furniture, and tasteful decor.
  • Attention to Detail: Small details like fresh flowers, high-quality linens, and well-stocked kitchens contribute to a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Consistent Style: Each room should follow a consistent design theme, providing a harmonious look and feel throughout the vacation home.

Host Performance

  • Superhost Status: While not strictly required, having Superhost status is beneficial as it indicates a high level of host performance and guest satisfaction.
  • Positive Reviews: Hosts must have a strong track record of positive reviews, demonstrating their commitment to providing an excellent guest experience.
  • Responsive Communication: To become an Airbnb Plus host, you must be responsive and communicative and promptly address guest enquiries and concerns.

Airbnb Plus vs Superhost

Unlike Airbnb Plus, which assesses each listing through in-person inspections, the Superhost designation is awarded to the hosts themselves. Superhosts are recognised for their hosting expertise and their ability to consistently provide exceptional experiences to guests. 

This status is not achieved through physical inspections but rather through the host’s performance metrics and the glowing reviews they garner from their guests.

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Overall, Airbnb Plus can be a worthwhile investment for hosts who are confident in the quality of their space, have a history of excellent reviews, and are willing to put in the work to meet the programme’s standards. 

If you’re looking to maximise your income and attract high-paying guests, then this programme could be a good option. However, if you prioritise flexibility and control over your listings, then you might be happy sticking with a regular Airbnb listing.

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