E-signature Rental Agreement

Set your customised terms and conditions with Zeevou’s e-signature rental agreement feature for free and speed up the booking confirmation process!

E-Signature Rental Agreement

Customise the Default Content

Hosts can write their customised content for the e-signature rental agreement. They can put dynamic variables such as guest name, check-in/out dates, and other booking and property details. A PDF file of the document will be sent once the guest signs the agreement.

Set Multiple Custom Configurations

Hosts can enable/disable the rental agreement at any time and choose whether to send it to the entire bookings or only the selected ones. They can also skip the signing step for their returning guests. Hosts can send the agreement through automated messages.

Get Rid of Third Parties

With the e-sign agreement feature, there will be no more hassle of switching between accounts!

Pay No Extra Charges

Get your free vacation rental agreement with a built-in e-signature. Save your time and money!

Check the Guest’s IP Address

Check the signer’s IP address to verify the guest’s identity once the agreement is signed.

Get Your Personalised Design

Get your e-signature rental agreement designed according to your company’s branding identity.

Communicate the right information at the right time to your guests with Zeevous' Automated Messaging.
by managing all your communications from one central platform.

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